What to do when trying harder isn’t enough…

by Marco Frank Montoya

Man, this fly keeps buzzing around in my room, frantically looking for an escape. He can see his world of dreams through the glass and smashes his sixteen eyeballs into the glass trying to get free! It’s not working, but he tries over, and over, and over again. window ledge w dead flies 300x224 What to do when trying harder isnt enough...I sat there kinda irritated for a second, and then walked away to give him a chance. Later I come back, and there he is, still bashing his head against the window. How futile, I think to myself. I left him.

The next day I’m looking out of the window again. He stopped buzzing. He’s dead in the window sill. He spent the best time of his life, the best he had, trying harder at something that clearly was not working. His goal of freedom was noble, but his approach was completely clueless. Lack of information kept him from a free life!

When my kids fail at something or don’t get the results they want, and begin to complain, I have them say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. Don’t give up too easily, persistence pays off in the end.” I’m a big believer in the power of persistence. However, persistence has it’s limitations. The fly trying so hard to break through the window is an example. And there are sooo many others…

I have a friend who has been laid off several times in the last three years. He went from earning more than $100,000 a year to less than $40,000. Each time he was laid off, he went right back to looking for another job. Each time he found work, he was soon laid off again. Like the fly, he too, continues to bash his head on the window of employment, and still has not found a high quality of life or freedom.

Albert Einstein calls this insanity; doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. The fly in my home, my friend and so many others like him, continue to do the same thing over and over, and over, expecting that somehow, things are gonna change and life will get better.

I learned a long time ago, that in order to experience something you’ve never experienced, you’ve got to try something you’ve never done. For 15 years of my life, like the fly, I used my body to forge my escape. I mowed lawns, cleaned floors, roofed houses, delivered pizzas, snowboarded professionally, and help build & and brand different snowboard companies. One day I realized the body wasn’t doing the trick and I decided, for the first time in my life, to use my mind to pave my path to freedom.

Archibald MacLeish said, “The only thing about a man that is a man…is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig or a horse.” If you are not using the higher faculties of your mind to craft creative solutions to your challenges, you will be no better off than a pig, or a horse, or a fly in a window.

You have the power to see, do, and accomplish anything you could ever want in life. You’re dreams are so achievable it’s not even funny how close you are. If you’ve been trying hard and trying hard is not working, may I suggest a different approach? Think. Really think. Don’t remember. Because remembering isn’t thinking. And don’t worry, because worrying isn’t thinking. Think. Really think. Think about what you want your life to be LIKE, and then look into new ideas and take new actions that may get you that life. In this process, you will find solutions for your challenges and a far more effective route to freedom and success.

If what you’ve been doing isn’t working to get you to your dreams, then it would make sense to look into something that DOES work, right?!
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You can. I believe in you. Rich or Poor, it’s your choice, with every single decision to take action (or lack thereof)!
Your friend, MFM!

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