Don’t want more freedom in your life? Then don’t join TeamMFM and “Master the Freedom Mindset”!

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These shirts are about wealth principles, and mastering a mindset necessary to achieve any kind of Financial FREEDOM.
The Master the Freedom Mindset team is a community and culture that work to break the mental chains keeping you from your dreams. We help rid people of the limiting beliefs and horrible programming that’s been hammered into us our whole lives from ignorant “old school” people from the Industrial Age. Our Working Middle Class parents, teachers, and friends constantly pounded their old ideas and opinions into us, but most of the time, it is not the best advice if you’re looking to be WEALTHY or have FREEDOM. We’ve been sold that the “American Dream” is to have a “stable job” or “career”, slaving away to have a house payment, and go on vacation, free for maybe 2 weeks a year. This sounds like the American NIGHTMARE to us.
Our culture is about better ideas – today’s superior business models, allowing you to achieve total freedom, using a laptop, from home or anywhere else in the world, instead of slaving away at a job, making somebody ELSE rich your whole life. The only reason we believed it was a good idea to “get a job” or “own a small business” was because somebody TOLD us it was a good idea! But you have open your eyes to finally WAKE UP!
Exactly WHO told you that was a good idea? Are THEY wealthy, happy, healthy, and have a quality life of total financial freedom? Do they have what you WANT, or do they still bust their ass at a full time job or business, spending all their precious days chasing money? Should you really be taking advice from them? That would be like asking relationship advice from a person that’s been divorced more than a couple times!
Everybody would LOVE to learn how to get free and be wealthy – wouldn’t you? Sadly, no one has ever cared enough about them or gone out of their way to sit down and show them exactly HOW to be FREE in AMERICA!

The only reason most people are going to work until they’re 65 or 70 years old is LACK of INFORMATION and FEAR of the “unknown”. It’s a horribly unsuccessful combination, also called closed-mindedness. What’s really sad is that 65% of these people will DIE of health problems before they RETIRE.

These shirts are about what the wealthy know. The information the wealthy have is the only difference. If you don’t know the rules to the game of wealth, how can you ever expect to win?
Here’s the idea:
Being part of our community of leaders and teachers helping educate other and changing the world feels good. After you’ve read books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “The Cashflow Quadrant”, “Inside the Millionaire Mind”, and “The Business School”, you’ll start to learn the rules of money.
If you already have a home-based business, these shirts can be used a an effective tool to effortlessly attract success and swarms of people toward you and your business.

Remember: People only follow LEADERS. Readers develop into Leaders. With knowledge comes power and leadership, inevitably bringing joy, love, success, and all the other beautiful things in life by default.

If you don’t believe it, don’t buy one! LOL! Love you all!

To Your Success, TeamMFM – Master the Freedom Mindset!