I remember the constant feeling in the back of my head every single day when I would come home from packing boxes for 12 hours at work, 6pm-6am. I was pissed off every time I got my check with all the TAXES taken out. I wondered why it was so freakin’ hard to get rich or even get “ahead”. I knew there HAD to be something better for me out there, but I didn’t even know exactly WHAT I was looking for, where to look, who to ask, or who would ever teach me a way to get to my big dreams. I felt stagnant, like there was no hope, until one day I met a mentor. Everything changed.

I work with those who are committed to success and who know they deserve a more meaningful, purpose-driven life. I work with people who have the courage to reach out and come get it. I am only looking for people who are “looking”. Those who want MORE – who have BIG dreams and have realized that a regular “salary” or “wage” isn’t going to get you there. There’s a HUGE difference between PROFITS and WAGES.

If you are a “know it all” cynic, doubter, or an excuse-making whiner with small dreams, please do not opt-in to any of these sites. If you are not courageous and don’t think “outside the BOX”, you are wasting your time here. : )

As every human knows deep down in their heart, there is no better feeling in the world, than to help another human being. I can only help you if you are serious about helping yourself. We can not drag anybody over the goal line “kicking and screaming”! Now is YOUR chance to get open-minded and learn some very important wealth building secrets!

A few principles I teach are right here on this site for FREE. If you truly absorb and pay attention to the blogs and information on this site and our other training sites, you will begin to know what the wealthy and financially free entrepreneurs know. You will be exposed to step-by-step systems we use to get an “unfair” advantage over other “normal” folk.

Specific knowledge is POWER. Invest the time to click around and gain specialized knowledge of successful people.

After you get on the mailing list on the right, take action, and acquire the recommended information and resources below, you will know what work to do. You will learn how to build business assets that make you money while you sleep, like we do – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is called financial freedom, and it is pure JOY, you will see!

When you decide you deserve more freedom in your life by stepping out of your “comfort zone” and adapting the new superior ways of today’s business, we will be there to guide you every step of the way. You must get rid of your “baggage” first. (The free advice and limiting beliefs that broke others gave you.) Now is the time to finally start thinking for yourself, and putting your time into things that will get you to your dreams, instead of things that merely keep you “busy”. You can not do the same thing over and over and over again, and expect a different result. You’re not INSANE, are you? When you opt-in to get these trainings, you will begin so see and feel better about your direction in life almost immediately, and you will start to realize that your own wealthy lifestyle is easily attainable.

After you fill out this contact us form, we are immediately notified, and you can have us on the phone in no time to set up a free phone interview to see if you are eligible for the team. Just know, you will need to read a wealth book or two before you even begin. This is so that we don’t waste our time or yours. If we see your potential, you can join us, and we invest our time to help you build yourself into a leader and teacher, helping change the world, educating others, one person at a time across the globe, and making a lot of money doing it!
If I have offered you a position in our team, it means I believe in you and thought you had talent and potential to be a leader.

Again, we are ONLY looking for positive, open-minded, teachable, hard-working individuals that have HUGE DREAMS.  If you LOVE to help others and believe in yourself, you will get in contact with us…
If you are not a “Master the Freedom Mindset” member, my personal coaching fee is $1000/hour. If you are accepted into the Master the Freedom Mindset team, my coaching is FREE. My fee for a speech in person is $2000/hr if I’m in your area. I charge because our (mine and your) time is very valuable, you can never get it back. (Also, long phone use can cause tumors, leading to Cancer). I am also done with working long hours, which is why I invested in learning automated businesses, and teach to follow these superior business models.

Everybody today knows that you can make your income from HOME, so why go looking for another broke-ass dead-end J.O.B. or “traditional” small business that keeps you busy, away from family, working for linear money, having absolutely no freedom? The Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Blogging, and Internet Marketing business models are where the fortunes of TODAY are made. It you do not adapt, you are struggling. Simple laptops at home are where the majority of new millionaires are coming from.

You may be thinking: Can I do this, and is it worth it?

Turn off the TV for the next few days and discover the priceless information on the different tabs of these websites. If you are already in the home-business arena, take these courses (links) below that are absolutely mandatory to achieve your freedom. If you are currently building your own Internet/Network Marketing business on a smaller budget, click here on this is a very important training course. If you do not take action and train hard, you take the risk of failing, and might have to go back to a J.O.B. for the rest of your life, retiring with nothing to show for all your hard work. If you are DEAD-SERIOUS about making big money and bringing leadership to your business, learn these “ninja” recruiting skills here. If you aren’t making money fast enough in your current business, we will immediately get you started and go to work to support, educate and train you for immediate results. We have vested interest in you to become successful, and naturally, YOUR success means OUR success.

* An important note – Do not be fooled by the “gurus” buzzing around the internet, talking about “Gazilliions of Leads”. Leads are no good to you if you do not have communication skills, “connecting” with people effectively. After you have powerful Communication Training and Business Performance coaching, we will get you to the next phase and learn how to create even MORE quality leads for your business, making it almost IMPOSSIBLE to FAIL . It’s all in the TRAINING. The most trained team makes the most money. It is not about “product” building, it’s about PEOPLE building. We build unstoppable sales teams.

NOTE** If you’re looking for a “get rich quick” deal, Get Real – Quit cutting corners looking for some quick program or new money-making idea with instant riches, there isn’t one. There are plenty of ways to be successful but guess what, they all will take work. Plan on learning and training hard if you want to succeed. You must be ready to do work to get PAID!

You will not be in the BIG money without specialized skills and the right training with the right TEAM. There is no luck involved with being successful or achieving Financial Freedom. If you’re looking for faster success, you must “plug in”, every day that you can. You must pay attention, train hard, and practice. You must treat this as it really is – a very serious business. Click here to study, watch videos, and train on how to be successful in your home-based business.

Have you ever noticed how success just comes to some people, and how successful people do not have to “chase” anybody? Well once you have some initial training, you must know how “attraction” works. As soon as you learn these tactics, your own success will seem “effortless”!

Have you ever missed out on an opportunity where you were at the “right place right time”?
Well stop missing the boat, they happen every day!  A Direct Sales/Home Business vehicle (and/or an online system) can help you easily transition yourself out of a dead-end job and achieve financial freedom in your spare time. A consumable product makes the most sense and is very easy to duplicate – a proven “franchising” system that you don’t have to pay $1.4 million for. Another “pole in the water” when you’re building assets to achieve wealth.

Once you have had training & practice in your warm and local cold market – the next phase is to learn how to market your business on the internet. You want faster MULTIPLE streams of income, don’t you?
Here, you can learn how to market your business to the masses on the internet, without chasing your broke-ass friends or family, and make a buttload of cash in the process. This AMAZING TRAINING is worth THOUSANDS of dollars, and you make tons of money from Facebook, Twitter, etc., while you learn and help teach others in our industry! It will quickly skyrocket your business, and you will be able to leverage what you know, all over the internet…

To be a true member of “Master the Freedom Mindset” team, you must read ALL of these recommended books. I’ll say it again to BURN it into your subconscious: You want to succeed, don’t you? So what are your chances of becoming unstoppable, if you are not even willing to sacrifice 30 minutes per night, investing in yourself to KNOW the LAWS and RULES of success? If somebody told you that you would be a multi-millionaire if you read 1-2 hours per night for the next 5 years, would you do it? Ok then, hurry up! I am DEAD SERIOUS on this —- If you don’t, you are choosing to FAIL …..

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To your wild success, M!