MisterContrary's "Different Money Rules" Recorded WEBINAR!

Discover The Secrets (And Tax Strategies) Of
The Top 1%

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What You’ll learn in this webinar:

Marco and Mari's "Secrets of the 1%"
Financial Education, Awareness
And Implementation Session

How to go from underpaid and under-appreciated to a high-paid  Freedompreneur in 9 months.

How to save $2k-$10k per year in TAXES and how "It's not what you make - It's what you KEEP!"

How to leverage with digital systems for additional channels of income and more time freedom.

How to protect your income, family and assets, so you never have anxiety, EVER AGAIN.

How to make your friends and family beg for your knowledge, secrets, opinions and advice.

How to build a Financial Fortress around yourself and your family that nothing can penetrate.

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Your Webinar Hosts:

Marco & Mariana Montoya

Marco and Mari are 7-figure earners in the Direct Sales, Social Commerce and Financial Services industries. They live in Carlsbad, CA. and have directly and indirectly helped over 100,000 Home Business Entrepreneurs skill up in their lives and businesses.

They have a Financial agency and brokerage, running (free) Financial Education Programs, to help bring products, services and solutions to the market. 

They believe every person deserves to live their passion and achieve financial security and abundance. Their passion is helping people build enduring systematized businesses that provide a higher quality of life...

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