95% of us have been programmed to “do what we’re told” and “do what everybody else does” our whole lives.  “Get good grades, so you can get a good JOB”, they told us over and over again! Sadly, we spent many valuable years in a corrupt school system, never learning a thing about MONEY or LEVERAGE.
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What are your chances of winning the game of money if you don’t even know the RULES?!
If you are content with a “normal” life of “taking what they give you”, then definitely do not read them! You must decide NOW that you DESERVE the best

You don’t want an ordinary “existence”, going back-and-forth to work, chasing money until you’re dead, DO YOU? Wouldn’t you rather live an EXTRAORDINARY life of amazing freedom instead? Don’t lie to yourself saying “I’ll read them later”, because “tomorrow” never comes. Life doesn’t give you what you “need”. It gives you what you DESERVE. Success isn’t something you “want”. Success is something you EARN. Now you will look back and remember this time and say, “Wow, that was one of the best investments into myself EVER”, while you drink your coffee, reading the paper in bed at your beach house in Costa Rica….. on a MONDAY.