If You’ve Seen “Office Space”, Then You Know: You’re Not Just Stuck In Traffic. You ARE The Traffic!

This movie Office Space really reveals the fact that “Job Security” isn’t secure at all in today’s world. When you watch this at a young age, you think the writers are funny. When you are older, you realize they are just portraying real life for most people!
A “safe secure job” is not safe, and in fact, is an oxymoron!  You may have had to shrink your dreams to match your income, and then plan your life around that income.

Let’s Dream Again

If you remember, you have you been told to “go to school and get a stable secure job “, and “the smarter you are, the more money you’ll make”!  Yeah, they told me that too. It is a lie. I tried the job thing for several years when I was younger, only to find out that the more I worked, the more I paid in TAXES, the more I struggled, while I built OTHER people’s dreams for them.

Luckily I invested years of my life and thousands of dollars to find out the truth.
If you’re looking for safety and security, it won’t be in a job.

Here’s why:
The design of a corporation is to make a profit. In order to do that, the owners at the top (picture a traditional corporate triangle) can not pay you as much as possible. They must pay you the least as possible, for the most amount of responsibilities and work, so they can make more profit. The business model is actually designed to push you down.


Would YOU personally take relationship advice from somebody that has been divorced 3 times, and is currently single?
So, would it be wise to take business advice from a month-to-month struggling worker who is at risk of getting laid off any day that someone ELSE chooses? Are YOU really wanting to take that advice, doing what they do in the “normal” route, working until you’re 65 or 70, like they’re doing?

Remember these guys from the movie OFFICE SPACE?! >>>>>

The Office Space movie is funny because it is absolutely TRUE!
Having a broke-ass J.O.B. is a nightmare! I know, because I used to be there. It only works if you’re willing to settle for what life gives you, stuck in your comfort zone, trading your valuable time for money in the “rat race”.

The Truth Is:
If you have a job as an employee, you have absolutely NO CONTROL over your life or finances. You will be laid-off when somebody else decides.
If you want real stability and security, looking for a better quality of life, then you must discover the secrets that the rich know ………. (and what the poor and middle-class DO NOT)!

Learn how to get out of your “office space” and achieve financial stability HERE.

Do YOU personally know anyone who has tried 3 or even 5 or more different jobs or careers, but is still not wealthy or financially free? That used to be ME too, until I finally decided to get open-minded enough to learn the business vehicles that actually WORK…

The definition of insanity: Get out of the Hamster Wheel!
Doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result.

When I CHANGED my old ideas (that did NOT work), my life CHANGED immediately.

Were you taught like I was? … to “go to school, to get good grades, so you can get a nice stable job” and make everybody proud?

Fortunately I did NOT do what I was told, because if I would have stuck to that plan, I would STILL be busy and broke. Back when I had all my different dead-end jobs, I remember realizing that 3 years went by in a flash, then 5 years passed. Still, nothing had changed for me. I was still busy, and broke. It was time to WAKE UP and realize I was doing exactly what everybody else does – things that don’t work. I wanted FREEDOM, not a TINY WAGE.

When I finally decided to let go of my “ego”, (and stop acting like I “knew it all”), I was able to learn NEW ideas that DO work! So many opportunities opened up to me to create the freedom I always wanted.

“If you are not satisfied with where you are right now, then you need better ideas then what got you there in the first place”, my mentors would tell me. If you take the same actions as the Middle-Class hard workers, you’ll surely have the same results. “You don’t really want to work 40hours/week for 40 more years, do you?”, they would ask. I sure didn’t.

Now, when you want a BETTER plan, get to the CONTACT ME box, and fill out your name, number, & email to get some free information. Write a comment explaining why you would be an asset. We want to hear your story.  We want to get you to your bigger goals, with a deadline. You will begin to learn secrets of abundance, leverage, and freedom. (This what 97% of people may never know). Your privacy is our priority. No Risk, No Obligation. Don’t be a wuss. Don’t be a victim of the future. Let’s get you out there to CREATE your future.

Take Action. Get Out Of The Office Space!

 Every tiny little decision you have ever made in your lifetime has led you up to exactly where you are in life right now.

97% of us will BLAME. We all want to blame anything ELSE beside ourselves for what happens to us and where we are in life. We do this so we don’t have to be responsible for our own decisions (or our lack of action) we make every second of every day. This way we can feel better about ourselves, “settling” for being “normal” like everybody else. We live month-to-month, just getting by, living an ordinary life, trading our priceless TIME for money until our days are over. Many more are skeptics, traditionalists, and cynics with “new” information. This is why they’ve NEVER made a statue about a skeptic or a cynic. They only make statues of innovators, early adopters, and visionary leaders that explore into the “unknown” to make it the KNOWN. Be one with us.

You do not have the right to whine and complain about struggling if you’re not open-minded and INVESTING in yourself to LEARN and TRAIN on how to be successful. YOU are the one to make the choice every day whether you’re going to be Rich or Poor. Do you want that $10 movie, or would it make more sense to invest that money and (more importantly) that TIME into TRAINING on how to be a total success, earning your own stress-free, healthy, dream life of financial freedom? Do you want to be at the bar buying beers with your broke friends more than you want to RETIRE your PARENTS or have your kids going to the BEST schools in the world? Do you want to buy that ball game ticket, watching other people live their dreams from the “sidelines of life”, rather than investing the money into self, to achieve your own dreams?

The choice is YOURS, every single second of every day.

Remember: Whether you’re poor, middle-class, or wealthy and free beyond belief, it’s YOUR FAULT. They say, “Everybody is self-made, but what’s sad is only the successful people admit it!”

Weeding Out The Weak:

We teach proven principles and step-by-step business systems to create 6 & 7 figure incomes. This is not for “employee” types.

If you’re comfortable with working for linear money until your 65-70 years old, being “normal”, this is not for you.


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To your wild success, M!