If You’re Feeling Stuck In Your Life Or Business, Then You’re In An Investment Phase.

It’s time to grow a higher teachability index and find out which phase/layer you’re in. Once you know what to do next, you will break through. If you are uncomfortable, in number 2 and 3, then good news, you’re growing! Growth is uncomfortable. You’ll be here for as long as it takes. Fail forward as much and as fast as possible.
(Read the book called “Go for NO” and you’ll start to understand the time investment and action it takes to get to success!)

Fail, over and over and over again, so you learn, through personal experience what to do, (and more importantly, what not to do).
You’re subconscious will start to take over and guide you, effortlessly, as you go into Mastery.

Your 4 phases will be:
1. Unconscious Incompetence
2. Conscious Incompetence
3. Conscious Competence
4. Unconscious Competence
Here are your 5 Layers of Skill Development everyone must push through, into Mastery:

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