We blow up so fast!

Click this cartoon to make it bigger: It’ll make you LOL!! Then click “back” to READ ON! Here’s an interesting thing to think about: These guys only think the way they do, [...]

Are You Prepared?

WARNING!!! This video will be GRAPHIC… This post today is a very important one, so you’re not the last ones left in the dark, standing in food lines. The sh*t is about to hit the [...]

Skip work today!

Is your crappy job keeping you away from your passion? ALL 12 or 14 of my jobs did too, back in the day 10 years ago! I didn’t know how to get out of that situation! I used to stand there [...]

Help Somebody Today!

Feel like doing a good deed today? Can you imagine how many people are suffering out there from health issues? Did you know that the #1 reason for Bankruptcy today is still DOCTOR BILLS? This is [...]


What would YOU give to get FREE? Would you work an extra hour a day on your OWN business to achieve Financial Freedom? Kunta Kinte (from the classic movie ROOTS) chopped off his own foot to have [...]


We like to act like we aren’t scared, but then many times we choose to NOT take action to achieve our BIG dreams. This is because as humans, we want to feel “safe”. We [...]

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