On This Page We Are Exposing The Dirty Secrets And LIES That The “Health Care” Systems Do NOT Want You To Know About.

I’ve watched everyone in my family die about 30 years too early.

Instead of obesity and health problems, go for the easy healthy life with RVL!I’ve watched friends suffer for years, (unnecessarily), because they didn’t know what you’re about to discover below…

Did you know:
Less than 3% of Americans actually consume the nutrients their body needs to fight dis-ease?

Here’s the scary part…
97% of Americans unconsciously live a lifestyle of poor nutrition and bad food that inevitably brings on health issues, early death, and dis-ease.

This is why the #1 reason for BANKRUPTCY today is caused from MEDICAL BILLS!

This isn’t going to be YOU……  or IS it? Do you know how to NOT BE SICK?

Keep reading for more of what “they” don’t want you to know about!

Take a realistic look at your health in 20 years. Are you actually eating 9-13 raw servings of fruits and vegetables and/or the right supplements every single day as a lifestyle?

Are you another one saying to yourself, “no, not me! That would never happen to meeee“!
Then yes, it’s probably you. It’s ninety seven percent of us.

You see, all through our early years, we may not pay attention to what we put into our body on a daily basis… until something bad happens, which is why most people in the U.S. will develop Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc.

What are you ‘programmed’ to do next?
Well, in a panic, you will immediately put your life into the hands of someone else – an MD, aka (“the doctor”) and Big Pharma.

Then comes the scary thing:
An MD is solely trained on medicine. Medicine addresses the symptoms of your dis-ease, after you develop it. Yes, they’re only trained for medicine, with little to no training on prevention or nutrition.

Even if they did have training on actually healthy living, they could not take the next few hours to figure out the root of your problem and what you’re missing.

MFM how not to be sick! The fact is, (and you’ve heard the saying),  “An ounce of prevention is way better than a pound of cure.”

But did you know that the FDA says only a “drug” can “cure” anything?

There are a few problems with this…

Think about it, if you were a huge multi-billion-dollar giant company, would you sell your customers something that would “fix” them permanently so they would NOT need you and immediately STOP being your customer?

You would lose billions and be out of business that very month. They’re not going to give you a cure.

There’s no money in the “cure”. The money is in the long term consumption of pills/drugs that will “get you by” for the day, covering up your symptoms.

The drugs will cause “side effects” that you will need another pill for, as they trap you in their “Health Care” system, and collect money from you being sick until your dead.

It’s not a “Health Care” system. It’s really the Sickness Care system, (and they get paid when you’re SICK), so why would they want you to be HEALTHY?

There’s no money in health & wellness, because you wouldn’t need them any more!

Why should you learn to not be sick?

One of my closest friends, (who was only 25 years old), developed Cancer a few years ago. Luckily, he’s better now. I’ve had dozens more of my close friends develop Cancer in the last few years. Good thing it is NOT a death sentence.

All of my friends were under 40. Beyond that, most of my grandparents died about 20-30 years too early too, same as yours I’m sure.

So What about YOU?

Are you still claiming you’re not one of the 97%, even though YOU may NOT be getting what your body needs to fight off Dis-ease?

Are you eating 11-13 servings of RAW (un-cooked) fruits and vegetables and supplements every day as a lifestyle? If not, you may be a statistic like I was…

And here’s the first 8 minutes of the movie!!

In my earlier years I never really paid much attention to my own health either, until it hit me like a brick wall and my health started to fade.

Since then I decided to OWN my life, get educated, and take disciplined action. I’m not a statistic any longer, and I look and feel 20 years younger than I am.

Everybody (including younger friends) seem to be getting all kinds of  issues and diseases. Click this video called Food Matters, and make those you love (especially the ones already suffering and in danger) sit down and watch the full version!

QUESTION: What do you have if you don’t have your health?

What good is any money or material objects, (that we work and strive for every day), if your health painfully slips away because you weren’t paying any attention?

Most of us have not been made aware:
We have been programmed to invest more time and energy into a car or house payment than we do our HEALTH.

And after you develop a Disease, how important is that car or house payment?

Health VideosBig Pharma Creates Disease

At least 2 out of 3 people have chronic malnutrition and obesity issues in the States today. These huge problems stem from our food corporations and mass farming methods.

Look around – have you noticed?
Mass farming methods dictate that fruit is picked (early), still green. The bananas are green. The peaches are “empty”. The oranges are green. The pears are hard. They were picked before it was ripe.

They haven’t gotten the nutrients out of the ground yet. It hadn’t gotten the sun it needed. It’s not ripe yet. They used artificial fertilizer, with only 2 minerals, when it’s supposed to be FIFTY TWO minerals!

They use pesticides, so they plants do not have to defend themselves, which means they produce less anti-oxidants, which YOU NEED, to fight dis-ease!

Because these corporation’s #1 concern is about profit, our fruits and vegetables are empty. They call this “placebo produce” and “empty fruit syndrome”. And guess what:

Fruits and vegetables are the only things that fight off dis-ease.

Most people do not have the adequate ammunition their body needs to protect itself from our toxic environment – (pesticides, cleaners, plastics, chemicals and toxins found in food, air, water, etc.)

1 in 2 males (most likely in your immediate family) will develop Cancer. Also, 1 in 3 women. The others will develop Heart Disease (the #1 killer and MOST PREVENTABLE), and High Blood Pressure.

And even the “health nuts” (2% of Americans) are not getting what they thought they were getting as far as nutrition goes.

If you care about your loved ones that are suffering or in danger, help educate them – have them read and watch this page. They need this information immediately.

A WARNING, however:
If you try to “educate” them yourself, they may not listen, because you’re not “positioned” and because they may be programmed to listen only “authorities” (like an MD), on this subject.

So instead, have them watch these vids – the best gift you can give them. Press PLAY!

My nutritionist friend said, “You’re either going to pay now, by getting the right nutrition in your body, or you’re going pay “later”, but either way, you’re going to pay!”

Being healthy is not an “event”. It’s a LIFESTYLE!  Please pay attention!
The World Is Yours, M!

Oh, P.S. – If you’re still not convinced, just listen to the wisdom of our friend Chris Rock!!!

Still Want More? Watch this amazing documentary on your next “movie night”:

I personally would not listen to an MD on “dis-ease”, who only knows how to address the signs and symptoms of malnutrition with MEDICINE.

We don’t have headaches because we have a lack of aspirin in our system. We don’t have bad cholesterol because we have a lack of Lipitor in our system! (By the way, Lipitor is the deadliest side-effect drug you can take – it kills thousands of people every year, that took it “as prescribed”.

I would never look for a “cure” that isn’t there. Instead, I would go where the success rates are better. The facts don’t lie. (Only big pharmaceutical corporations do that). Learn how to STARVE CANCER below.

More? Ok… here’s a simple quick video on Autoimmune “Dis-ease”:

We’ll just keep adding to the list of clips below: