In Fear

Every time someone complains that either they “hate my job” or “I can’t afford that”, I think of this picture!

I remember the feeling, being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I always knew I wanted to be “rich”, but didn’t have a plan or know what to do. I didn’t know WHERE or HOW to start. I felt helpless and stuck. I was scared of losing any money I did have, and I was scared of failing. I didn’t think I had much of a chance, because I didn’t have anybody to “help” me, so I just lived there in “limbo” for a while, struggling, month to month just trying to survive. Many opportunities came and went, but I didn’t have any money, or at least that’s what I used to tell myself, so I stayed there struggling.
Finally I couldn’t take it any more.
The truth is: It is easier to CHANGE your current situation than you thought.
No matter if you make millions of dollars, or minimum wage – EVERYONE is looking for (and can easily achieve) a better quality of LIFE, whether it be health, relationships, or financially.
As soon as a person realizes that it is more painful to NOT change, than to change, is when they actually make a life-changing move to achieve the better life.
Here is how I help thousands:
In these economic times, many people feel that they are not financially secure, complain that they hate their boss, and state that their job/small business takes up all of their TIME. Others have poor health and disease caused from a lifestyle of bad nutrition, but continue to live the same unhealthy lifestyle. Inevitably, they are forced to go the the “doctor”, putting someone ELSE in control of THEIR life. They would rather let OTHER people control their life instead of taking ownership and responsibility for WHY things are the way they are. The sad truth is that many people just sit there and do NOTHING about their bad situation, like the lamb, stuck between the two rocks. What many do not realize, as they go back and forth to work every day, is that they are NOT really looking for money itself. What they are truly looking for is the lifestyle that money might get them – (the freedom to eat, buy and do things, help others, travel the world, etc., AND then ultimately be able to have TIME FREEDOM to do all of these things).

When someone tells me they can’t afford to pay for my products/services that will help them achieve a better quality life, I say “well how long has that been the case?” and “how does that make you feel, not being able to afford it?”
I also ask them how old they are, and when are they going to finally decide that they are TIRED of not being able to afford things they want in life? I then finally explain (in a nice way) that whatever they’ve been doing up until this point is obviously NOT working, or they WOULD be able to afford things and travel the world, or WOULD have the health that they desired! “It’s time to start making better decisions if you really want CHANGE, isn’t it?”, I ask.
“If you don’t go for your BIGGER dreams, never taking any risks because of your fear of failing, then your worst fear eventually becomes reality, as you go through life as a failure.” — Unknown
The fact is, most of the time, if you want to really help a person, you must ask them the right QUESTIONS that will force them to realize that it will be MORE PAINFUL for them NOT to change, NOW, or they could easily go their whole lifetime, not really LIVING LIFE to the fullest! To Your Success, M!

Marc Frank Montoya was a world-class international professional snowboarder for over 17 years. After living a higher quality lifestyle, there was no possibility of going back to the "normal" way of living. The next logical step was going into business, but he quickly realized the stress, risk, responsibility and lack of time freedom of small business. Most painful of all was the lack of quality time with his kids. Searching for solutions and investing into personal and financial development, he found the world of Online Business and Financial Education. *("Done wrong, it's a nightmare. Done RIGHT it's a DREAM".) He now helps entrepreneurial-minded people build their businesses online, protect their assets and compound their income and results, from anywhere in the world using the Secret Weapons of the Wealthy 1%. If you're looking to take your life and business to the next level, get courageous! Reach out! "The Secret Weapons of the 1% - Different Money Rules... with Style!"
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