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When Transworld Snowboarding Magazine posted this, it hit me… Here was my comment on Facebook, please read…
I used to have a horrible existence, until somebody cared enough about me to go out of their way and show me “another world”. I hope you can absorb this message and take heed, in order to achieve your own success…..
It is SO important to stay OPEN-MINDED when somebody tries to show you something they just “discovered”, or are really into. They are excited for a reason. As an investment into them AND YOURSELF, you must take the time at least “check it out”, in order to KNOW what you’re saying NO to. Most of the time, people have absolutely NO IDEA what they’re saying “no” to, so they make a highly uneducated decision, only because we’re “programmed” to say NO to everything these days because we don’t “trust” anything any more (mostly from watching TV shows and the NEWS). I will tell you this:
If you do not stay open-minded, keeping your eyes and ears open to the new technologies happening in this insanely fast-paced changing world, you will be left “behind the bubble”, and consistently miss out on trends where wealth is created. You will have a “mediocre” (regular) existence, instead of truly LIVING. It is actually DANGEROUS to your finances, spirit, and health to be closed-minded, “passing up” different opportunities every single day, that could change your lives forever. Imagine if I would have just said “no thanks” to snowboarding because I ‘thought’ it wasn’t for me… I would still be “WHERE I WAS”, taking advice and learning from the WRONG PEOPLE, always unsatisfied with the results I was getting. You ARE who you HANG AROUND. The key word is always CHANGE… especially if you aren’t satisfied with where you in life right now. Whether it is financially, health-wise, or time freedom .. You can not do the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result. The problem is .. we all FEAR change, and your FEAR is the enemy of your own success. The only thing in your way is YOU.
There are amazing changes happening in today’s world whether we like it or not, and you can either play the victim, staying ignorant, complaining and being SCARED of learning it, or you can move TOWARD your fears of the “unknown”, learn the NEW superior ways, and finally catch the wave of success and money. You don’t have to be stuck in today’s so called “bad economy”. There is no “bad” economy for the wealthy. It is actually exactly at these times when the most wealth is CREATED. All you have to do is WAKE UP and pay attention. Your “comfort zone”, you might be in right now, (sticking to “what you know” or “what you’ve been taught”) is really your “enslavement zone”…..
My friends and I are dropping some new websites soon. You’re going to want to keep an eye out. I believe in each and every one of you. EVERY body is good at SOME thing and has the potential to use those talents to create an EXTRAORDINARY life for yourself and your family. The question is: Do you talk yourself out of it every minute? Or WORSE: do you let other people talk you out of believing in YOURSELF?

My name is Marc Frank Montoya. I was raised by a single Mom (who did the best she possibly could and supported my dreams), but had no (Financial) Education. I (luckily) skipped college, changed my environment (by moving up to the mountains with some friends) and went on to become a globally recognized professional snowboarder for over 17 years. *(After that kind of life, there was no possibility of going back to the "norm".) After a few mentor friends pushed me read a few wealth books, I thought the next logical step was to STOP making other people rich and launch my own businesses. The problem was, I quickly realized the volatility and lack of time freedom that comes with (traditional/old-school) brick and mortar business. Even more painful was the lack of quality time with my kids. After a lot of searching, studying, researching and discovering, I dove in head first, implementing #different strategies and tactics. I invested the next 15 years (and over $250k) into courses, personal development, seminars, workshops, coaching, mentorship and financial education. I also found the world of Online Marketing, Automated Businesses Models, Financial Services and Tools, and Tax-Free Wealth Strategies. I now share what I learn and help entrepreneurial-minds build more automated and leveraged business online, protect your assets and compound your results and income from anywhere in the world using a #smart phone, a laptop and Zoom. If you're looking to take your income and lifestyle to the next level, feel free, look around, invest the time, jump down the Rabbit Hole.. : )
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