Living Outside The Box

by Marco Frank Montoya

Living Outside The Box : Not Just A Catchy Phrase

Living outside the box 300x213 Living Outside The Box What does living outside the box really mean? We always hear the term “thinking outside of the box”, but they say that in the “traditional” corporate world all the time! If fact, to some, that would be an oxymoron!

In order to have an extraordinary life, you can not do ordinary things – which is “stick to what you believe you know”. Most people are not free, but they defend their beliefs, (sometimes to the death)! This means they are STUCK, because of their beliefs, aren’t they? Watch this vid below to step out of “the dot” and start living outside of the box!

The Price You Pay By NOT Living Outside The Box

ouside the box Living Outside The Box Many people say “no” to things before they even know what they’re saying “no” to!!

I always imagine what my life would have been like if I wasn’t open-minded enough to try skateboarding, snowboarding, and new ideas in business. My whole life would have been different, and I would have gone the “normal” route like many others. I may have never lived all my dreams of traveling, making tons of money, and having real freedom. If I would have just been closed-minded and said no to “no, I’m not interested in that”, I would most likely be working in some building for the last 14 years of my life, a slave to my businesses or job, not making as much money as I would like, and getting taxed to death. How many people do you know that are living inside the box, still working a regular job or business, wishing they could make more money with more freedom? Not living outside the box can really cost you a life of freedom and millions of dollars in the long run.

How to BE living outside the box

- Change your environment: Get around people who are living a life of abundance and freedom, outside the box! Learn from them and copy them to get what they have.

- Find ways to invest in YOURSELF: You should always work harder on YOURSELF than you do at your job. (Seminars, courses, books, mentors, self development).

- Wealth Books: There’s a huge difference between “school” books and wealth books. School books will help you gain a skill where you’ll do the work in trade for money in the vicious cycle called the Rat Race, where you’ll work hard until your 70 years old. Wealth books will help you gain leverage and abundance. You’ll understand once you read them! The book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or “The Cashflow Quadrant” is a good place to start!

- Be OPEN to new things, always: In this fast-paced changing world of new innovation, you must be open and have the courage to ADAPT stepping up to new business ideas and technology, or else you will struggle. Show up for yourself to receive all the information, to stay up with the times, and then you can make your own educated decision and control your life. Make sure to NOT say “no” to things before you KNOW what you’re saying “no” to, or you’ll be stagnant. Create your future NOW, rather than being a victim to it.

- Use your skills to build extra channels of income, using “non traditional” business models that create residual streaming income. This will create more freedom and abundance in your life. For another article, click here on living inside the box.

To learn more on living outside the box, contact MFM here on the site.

We’ll see you on the mountain or at the beach soon! M.

CorporatePyramidScheme3 300x240 How To Get Out Of The Corporate Job Pyramid Scheme

How To Get Out Of The Corporate Pyramid Scheme

From a humble and loving place, I’m going to help a few people out tonight, as most will be forced to work for someone tomorrow…

When I was younger, (before I was financially educated, read the wealth books, or knew anything about bigger business), I used to say silly things like “pyramid scheme” because I “heard it from someone somewhere”. I didn’t know any truly wealthy mentors to teach me any better, so I sat there and struggled for years.

I remember being closed-minded, wasting time, and working hard trading my time for money. In fact, you will ensure failure if you think you know it all, saying “NO” to things before you even KNOW what you’re saying “NO” to. If your mind is closed, you will never have the chance to “take the right action at the right place at the right time to absorb the new information that creates opportunity. People cheat themselves out of success every single day, making uneducated decisions.

It is absolutely mind-blowing that some people still incredibly insult successful people’s business intelligence by blurting out ignorant comments like “pyramid scheme”!
That is about as tactful and intelligent as going to a friend’s house to see their new baby and then saying, “ewww, you’re baby is ugly!”.

Seriously? I always wonder:

Would it not be more beneficial to ask more self-empowering questions like, “yes, but WHY would these extremely successful people invest their valuable time into that idea, even when they could build any other business they wanted?!”
There should be some serious emotional and logical reasons behind it, shouldn’t there?
You see, we’ve already done the traditional, less efficient business models. It is a matter of risky liabilities vs. solid asset building, and linear income vs. leveraged residual income. Leveraged income allows a better quality of life. It then becomes about purpose and passion, spreading knowledge for freedom. After you know better, you would never go back to a hard work linear equation, trading your priceless time for money.

I used to be an employee – a slave, at the bottom of a corporate pyramid, making other people rich, stuck in the absolute worst tax bracket, where it is impossible to create any wealth or abundance. I sat there in a horrible job getting tiny wages, taking orders from shmucks, being told how much I’m worth and when I can go eat lunch.
Even being self-employed I was in the same linear boat. If I stopped working, I stopped getting paid. It meant I was a slave to money, same as an employee.
Learning to be open-minded and self-motivated, I eventually gained a bit of success, learning about royalties and launching many businesses. As my small businesses grew, I quickly realized I was owned by my traditional small businesses. They demanded all of my time. The responsibilities of overhead, mortgage, insurance, employees, paperwork, etc., took away the quality time I wanted with my kids, and it took me away from my traveling and hobbies.

I was in a linear equation. The more “successful” I got, the more BUSY I was. I had money, but I had no time. What kind of life is that? It is sad to be owned by your business where you can’t travel the world or be with your kids whenever you want. I realized I was always saying “I’m too busy” to all of the people I cared about. Traditional business kept me indoors and away from my passions way more than I realized. I finally had to admit…
“You must drop your ego, get some courage, and open your mind to learn how to create change, or things will stay the same.”
A wealthy mentor of mine said, “If you want to learn, stop talking. Just LISTEN to new information and logic.

Another mentor said, “If you KNEW how to create money and time abundance, you would already be there.
In order to have something you’ve never had before, you must LEARN to DO what you’ve never done before”.

I slowly learned, “How can you learn anything if you already “know it all”?
“Stop caring about what unsuccessful people say when they try to tear you down, and simply think about your kids and the things that matter. Doubters and skeptics will still be there in the same place in 20 years, still doubting, still working in their old age like the other 95% of them. Stop taking business advice from broke people. If you want to get FREE financially, build a way out – assets in your spare time, so you can “ease out” of what enslaves you.”

It really does pay to be open minded and take the “different path”. It is extremely costly to do the “normal” thing.
Did you know:
95% of people will be either dead or dead-broke at the age of 65.

Think about it:
If you were having issues with your spouse and you wanted to keep the relationship, should YOU really take relationship advice from a friend who’s been divorced 4 times and is currently single? Should you listen to their opinion when they have no good results in that area? NO.
So why would you take business advice from unsuccessful people, and do what they do?!
If you want to continue to get what you’ve got, keep doing what you’re doing, there’s nothing wrong with that.
But if you see that what you’ve been doing has not been working, you must get open to better ideas.
Either way, every minute, you will choose what kind of life you want.
I’m just so thankful I had valuable mentor friends that went out of their way to teach me how to achieve the life I wanted.
I chose to TAKE A LOOK so i could make an educated decision. Thank you God!
Welcome to your journey.

The world is yours, M!

*For more valuable info on LIVING OUTSIDE THE BOX, click on it!

How to make money like a BOSS

by Marco Frank Montoya

Like a Boss 5 300x251 How to make money like a BOSSThe first step to make money like a BOSS

In order to make money like a boss, you have to THINK like a boss, and do what a BOSS does, but most people have this completely backward. As you watch the video below, you’ll start to understand how to change your thought process to achieve more abundance. If you learn to reprogram your thought patterns, you will slowly manifest a change and think the opposite of the majority who live month-to-month and have it completely backwards.
Most people tell themselves stories and excuses like “I don’t have any money” or “I’m just so busy at my job, I’d like to create more for myself, but I don’t have any time“. Here’s a video on how to change the way you think, which is the first step when learning how to money like a BOSS!

What will it COST you NOT to make money like a boss?!

Many people in this economy feel stuck, doing hard work they are not passionate about, but resist making a change to be “different”. I know, because at 20 years old, I used to be there. This is called “quiet desperation” in their “comfort zone”, even though it is not comfortable AT ALL. In actuality, it is your ENSLAVEMENT ZONE. If what you’re doing is not getting you where you want to go, you can not keep doing what you’re doing and expect a different result. If what you’re doing right now is not making you happy or getting you to your dreams, can you really afford to STAY there?

You must gain LEVERAGE to change, so right now, think about what it will cost you, long-term, NOT to take action. This could ultimately cost you a life of pain, struggle, and absolutely no freedom, leaving a legacy of mediocrity. What if you teach your kids to do the same things, settling for what life “gives” them, instead of creating a better future? You must know that they pick up everything, not from what you SAY, but from what you DO – the actions you take, (or lack thereof!). It has to be more painful NOT to change, then to just do it, and make a change.

like a boss 011 300x187 How to make money like a BOSSAttitude and actions you must have to make money like a BOSS

One thing you must realize is that if all you’re doing is working at a job, making someone else rich, and getting taxed to death as an employee, you will never build your OWN dreams or be wealthy. You can not create wealth or abundance if you don’t learn how to get your taxes down to a legal minimum. Click here for Tax Benefits of Owning Your Own Home-Based Business.
Starting your OWN business is a MUST, but do not panic, it is much easier than you think. Most of the millionaires today are coming from home-business, and there is absolutely no risk! The start-up capital is minimal for internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, blogging, and direct sales, and most of these have  proven systems to get you into the profit margin quickly, so you will make money like a BOSS, by having your OWN business. On top of that, by moving yourself from the employee tax category into the business owner tax category, you can actually save between $2k and $10 in taxes alone. This is better than having a second income. What this also means is that is is extremely risky NOT to start your own business, as you painfully lose $2k – $10k per year as a taxes employee with no write-offs.

Resources to make money like a BOSS

Click around under the “Own Your Life” tab on this site to find more valuable info on being a BOSS!

To learn more about making money from home, by having your own blog, going toward your dreams, and blogging about your passions, click here on make money LIKE a BOSS! or go directly here to watch a vid on blogging like a boss!

Take action now, and we’ll see you on the best beaches and mountains of the world!   M…

How to be LUCKY

by Marco Frank Montoya

Ever wonder HOW to be LUCKY ?

Most people “wait around” for their “lucky break” their whole lives, never realizing how to be lucky. Many times for us, it’s the RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME, but late adopters and traditionalists (the majority) make the DECISION to NOT take action, instead “stick to what they’re doing”, even though what they’re doing has NOT been working to create a life of abundance or freedom. There IS no right place right time for “normal” people, because the stories they tell themselves are: “Oh, I’m just too busy” and “I just don’t have any money!”

The point: It’s never the right time for “poor” people. I remember always telling myself stories like, “yeah, maybe when I have more money” or “right after I get my bills paid, I’ll get around to it”.

Now, broke people are not all POOR. Being broke can be temporary, IF you decide to make a CHANGE in your behavior. But POOR people consistently make poor CHOICES when “opportunity” is presented right before their eyes, over and over and over again.

Want more on HOW TO BE LUCKY ?

Click here to listen to this extremely important conference call (& MFM interview) on How To Be Lucky with Entry Points.

To make a change and finally catch a wave to get “lucky”, watch
or contact us at Master the Freedom Mindset.
To your wild success,
Marc Frank Montoya

Being “addicted to money” is weakening, like being addicted to CRACK.

crackhead1 300x195 Why you must NOT be addicted to money. Being “addicted to” or being “needy” of something, comes from a place of weakness, so you will have absolutely NO CONTROL OVER it.
Now, think about MONEY…. You’re not addicted to money… are you?!
I’m sure you’ve seen the behavior of “crackheads”, addicted to CRACK…..       They are needy and weak.
They genuinely (and constantly) think they “need more crack” just to survive, (but won’t ADMIT it), just like most people think they “need more money“, but won’t admit that they think they need it!
Now, that may sound crazy, and this next stuff might make you uncomfortable, but it’s the TRUTH. You may not agree at first, but when you begin to understand the energy of money and laws of attraction, you’ll see these are principles of freedom.

Being in a “needy” state of mind makes people weak and hopeless. We may think we need money so bad that we are not willing to “let it go” or better yet, INVEST IT to learn how to create more money, using less time. As soon as we get any spare time or money, we immediately “use it all up” (and trade it for nonsense that DOES NOT create a financially free or abundant future). The very second you get your hands on any money, you spend and waste it, it’s gone – spent on liabilities and/or everything else except an asset.

 Are YOU addicted to money?

What about TIME? Are you always “busy”? Are you way too busy to LEARN HOW to create yourself some abundance? Have you ever said to one of your friends, “Man, I’d love to invest in a business, but I don’t have the money”, or “yeah I want that ___, but don’t have that kind of money” or “yeah I wish I could start a ____, but I’m so BUSY, I don’t have the TIME to do it”?
You see, it’s not that we don’t have the money (or time). The real question is – what do we DO with the money once we get it? Do we blow it on entertainment, beer, cigarettes, paying bills/liabilities, and paying everybody ELSE (including the government, paying our TAXES) before paying ourselves? When there’s none left at the end of the month, it’s almost a panic, as if we are addicted to money! One thing I have noticed on my journey, is that successful people don’t “find” the time to be wealthy and free – They MAKE the time to be free because it is important to them!

What do you do with your spare TIME? Do you spend more time planning a BBQ or buying Christmas gifts than you do planning your own FUTURE? When it comes to making money, are you scared to “sell” somebody something they need? Are you scared to “ask for” or (trade) the money in exchange for something they already want for themselves?Are you so afraid of loss or rejection, trying so hard to protect your own self image, that you never even try to help people get what they want? Are you afraid of the word “no”, or afraid of losing money?

How to STOP being addicted to MONEY, so you can ATTRACT it instead.

Have you ever noticed how crackheads “chase” crack, and NEVER seem to get enough of it?
So goes a law of success for people who “need it”.  They are addicted to money, so success is not sustainable.
If you ever want to ATTRACT money and have the abundance mentality, you must believe that you DESERVE it. When offering someone something, you must know that you are helping others, not yourself. You can not have the “needy” energy where you care about their answer – (whether they say yes or no). People feel the energy if they think you “need” to make a sale or are trying too hard to sell them something. They love to buy things, but they just do not like to be “sold” on it. You must also take the necessary daily disciplined ACTION to deserve the money, using the law of averages. Life does NOT give you what you “need” – It gives you what you DESERVE. Most people decide to “take what life gives them”, do the minimum, watch TV in their spare time, and become victims of the future, rather than CREATING their future with any extra time they have. You must be willing to make huge sacrifices and do what others aren’t willing to do, to get what they’ll never have.
You also must be able to “let go” of  money and INVEST it into a business ASSET, rather than waste it on ridiculous LIABILITIES. A liability is something that takes money OUT of your pocket. An asset is something that puts money INTO your pocket. Are you willing to skip a Starbucks coffee every day for a month or two to be able to save the money to start your own home business? Are you willing to eat Ramen Noodles for a year if you have to, so you can save that money to INVEST in something? If you fear “losing money”, than you will be a LOSER, because, like the crackhead, you will continue to blow it on the “instant gratification”. When you decide to stop being addicted to money and invest it into YOURSELF, life will change, right before your eyes. If you don’t know where to start, you can contact us, and we can help steer you in the right directions. We can also expose you to some faster moving business vehicles. Now go for it!! You have everything to GAIN, and nothing to lose, unless, that is, you’re addicted to money!Most dangerous risk 300x225 Why you must NOT be addicted to money.
To your wild success, M!

How to stop feeling sick

by Marco Frank Montoya

sickandtired How to stop feeling sickWant to know how to stop feeling sick and tired?


Today I was with a friend of mine that was coughing like crazy and asked me how to not be sick. He’s been sick for 4 days already and is naturally OVER it! Many who read this may not be sick right now, but believe me, you’ll wish you would have paid attention to this when you DO get that flu every single year or two. Your whole body will be hurting, your head throbbing, your muscles aching, you’ll have cold sweats, you miss work, and LOSE MONEY!

But that’s not all

If you don’t learn how to stop feeling sick RIGHT NOW and change your lifestyle, there’s a good chance YOU will go into BANKRUPTCY too! [click to continue…]

Be “lucky” by Living Outside The Box
This is the key to success.

Living outside the box 300x213 Heres a FREE Hardcore Success Training video for YOU. You DID just get lucky!  What the heck does outside the box really mean? We hear the term “thinking outside of the box”, but they say that in the “traditional” corporate world all the time! If fact, to some, that would be an oxymoron!

Here’s the harsh truth:
In order to have an extraordinary life, you can not do the ordinary things that “everyone else” does – which is “stick to what you know”, having a job or small business that consumes all of your time.

Most people are not free.

They defend their beliefs about money, health, success, business, etc, which would mean they are STUCK, aren’t they? Watch this vid below to step out of “the dot”, and finally have a chance to start living outside of the box. This is your first training – just the tip of the iceberg…

The Price You Pay By NOT Making a Change

ouside the box Heres a FREE Hardcore Success Training video for YOU. You DID just get lucky!  Many people love the word “no”. They say NO to most things before they even KNOW what they’re saying NO to!!

I constantly imagine what my life would look like if I wasn’t open-minded enough to try new things. Skateboarding, snowboarding, and new ideas in business, took me down a path that most will never know about. A Dream Life!

I was on the “normal” route like many others, living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay bills and “get by” that month. I worked for someone else, making someone else rich, and wondered why I wasn’t rich myself! If I didn’t change, I may have never lived all my dreams of traveling, making tons of money, and having real freedom. If I would have been closed-minded, saying “no, I’m not interested”, I would be slaving away in some building for the last 14 years of my life, owned by my businesses or job, not having any freedom, and getting taxed to death.

How many people do YOU know that are still “inside the box”, working a regular job or business, wishing they could make more money? Are they even trying to create wealth, or are they just daydreamers? Not being outside the box will cost you a lifetime of hard work for someone else, with no freedom for the rest of your life. Would it be worth it to make a change?

How to be successful by getting outside the box

- Environment Change: Get around people who are successful and actively trying to create wealth. Learn from them and copy them to get what they have.

- Invest in YOURSELF: Work harder on YOURSELF than you do at your day job. (Invest in seminars, courses, books, mentors, self development,etc).

- Wealth Books, (NOT school books): There’s a huge difference between WEALTH books and “school” books. Traditional schooling will help you gain a skill that will keep you busy, trading your time for money in the vicious cycle called the Rat Race. You’ll work hard until your 70 years old or dead, without reading wealth books. Wealth books and info will help you gain leverage and abundance. You’ll understand once you actually ead them!

Here is a good place to start!

- Get OPEN-MINDED to new ideas and opportunities, always: In a fast-paced and changing world of new innovation, we must consistently be open-minded, having the courage to adapt to new business ideas and technology, or you’ll be left behind the bubble. Absorb all information that you can, to stay up with the times, so you can make your own educated decision (don’t say “no” before you KNOW what you’re saying “no” to), to have control in your life and not be a stagnant victim to the future. Create your future rather than being a victim to it.

- Use (and build) your existing skills to create extra channels of income into your life/business. Different business ASSETS will create more freedom and abundance in your life. For another article, click here on living inside the box.

NOW, when you want to get to the next level in your life, and learn more on living outside the box, contact MFM here on the site. We want to hear your story, and see how we can be most valuable to you.

We’ll see you at the beach! M.

How to just DO it.

by Marco Frank Montoya

Dont try 236x300 How to just DO it. When it comes to your job, do you just “try” to go? NO!

You just GO to work, right? You just DO it! There is no “try” to go to work, because you’ll be FIRED immediately if you don’t show up!

So when it comes to success, financial freedom, or wealth, it MUST be the same thing — there is no “try“. There must only be a “DO“.

I never understood why so many people, (95%), give up on their dreams after a “try” or two, but they don’t ever give up on the IDEA that a dead-end job is actually going work. They forever scramble, slaves to money, trading their priceless TIME for SALARY, and constantly complain about not having enough time or money.

The crazier part is that they never actually invest any time to look into better ideas that will CHANGE that vicious cycle! Have YOU ever seen anybody get wealthy from wages or linear income? NOBODY has.

The truth is, a J.O.B. will actually keep you far FROM any BIG dreams you might have had. The longer it takes to realize it, the less chance you will have at a life of total freedom and abundance before you’re dead. So why do people stay at jobs, waiting their whole life for something “lucky” to happen to them?

Because they’ve been programmed for mediocrity, and to say “no” before they even know what they say “no” to! On top of that, most people don’t even BELIEVE they can make millions in the first place, so they don’t even “TRY”?     …..  “DOHHT” !!  How sad is that?

Mostly insane, is when people actually say, “yeah, I think I’m going to go back to school”!    hahahaha!!  I’m thinking to myself, “ummm.. it didn’t work the FIRST time man!  “And you’re gonna try it AGAIN?!”  Have you ever heard the definition of INSANITY?!!   ……     DOHHHT!!

I’ll say it again:

A “school” education can most definitely “get you BY”, teaching you a skill that will get you “steady work”. You’ll be BUSY your whole life chasing money, but never actually getting to LIVE. A SELF-education will make you a FORTUNE, and teach you how to be create a life of abundance, (of health, joy, freedom, wealth, etc.)!

Can you really DO what working-class people DO every day, but expect a different result than they have?

Be honest: Do you really want to work your whole life away for linear income, until you’re 70 years old, and retire with next to nothing like everybody else?

Do you have “bigger” dreams? What are they? Do you have a proven PLAN to get to them? Wouldn’t you love a PROVEN system and residual income that bring you ABUNDANCE?  Don’t you at least OWE it to your self to look into better ideas, instead of the idea that a job or small traditional business will bring you any real freedom? You’re in America, you do want real frrreeeedom, yeah?!

Well, you could always keep “trying” at the dead-end job thing and just take the “shoulda coulda woulda” route again, but that never really seems to pan out for most! Get out there and GO for it! Take that first step. Start SEARCHING for it, and “it” will appear if you work for it! I would say good luck, but you won’t need it!

To your wild success! We’ll see you on the beach,, M!

Spoons made me fat 300x224 I used to say: The economy is bad, THATS why Im broke ... Yeah, ok, and SPOONS made me FAT !We would ALL love to blame and point fingers at people instead of ourselves, but our quality of life has nothing to with “external” circumstances. If you want CHANGE, you must change your SELF.

I hear it now almost EVERY SINGLE DAY: People blaming a boss for firing them, or the economy for them not being able to find a job, or their business failing because people weren’t showing up or buying  anything! Most people seem to think that if they find a “better job”, it’s going to fix their “problems”!!
WARNING!!  It’s NOT going to fix your problems!
You can try and try and try to find external reasons, but the truth is:

When people can’t seem to get ahead, (being fired, or too busy, or not making enough profit)… It was because we didn’t make ourselves VALUABLE enough in the market space. You must SKILL UP, by INVESTING in your self, getting creative, and taking massive focused action with NEW and better ideas that DO work!

When people can’t find a job: It is because they are not currently more VALUABLE than another person who took action to be more “skilled” in that market space. Others that INVEST the time to MAKE themselves valuable (and LIKEABLE) are actually fought over, getting offers from many different companies constantly. I have a friend Jody that has the best positive and friendly attitude – he gets proposed to by huge companies almost every month, just because people LIKE him and he goes “above and beyond” for everyone, even when he doesn’t have to!
Business owners who “skill up” and invest the time to learn and adapt to “new ways” and create extra channels of income into their business are the ones who grow. Others business owners who blame the “the bad economy”, the “location” or  the “employees” are the ones who “downsize”, have to lay people off, and eventually fail.

When a person’s business in “failing”: They aren’t ADAPTING to the ever-changing fast-paced world of today’s business. Most businesses that do not invest to adapt, get creative, and go “online” these days will be struggling. We all know now that you get a better quality product for cheaper online today, by cutting out the “middle-man” (retail store), and getting rid of advertising, using the power of the “word of mouth” instead. All the new millionaires are now coming from home-based business, using laptops, because of this superior business model. Social Media makes business move a LOT faster now. A business owner can now learn how to create more “channels” of distribution (income), using these “non traditional” business models, as connections and social capital, (word-of-mouth marketing) is the most powerful thing in business today.

You can’t change your life unless you CHANGE YOURSELF what you’re doing. If what you’re currently doing is not working, it’s time to ADAPT, instead of waiting around for something “lucky” to happen, or worse, blaming everything and everyone else except yourself!

To learn more on adapting to today’s business and creating more money with less effort,  contact MFM and team here!  We can explore  ideas with you.
I mean, you don’t have to change, or create more income, or more free time for yourself, but if you like those kinds of things, we’ll talk to you soon!
Can’t wait to hear your story!

To your wild success, M!

Somethin aint right1 300x237 Do something different, or things will stay the same! Ever feel like you need to do something DIFFERENT?

…Like somethin’ just isn’t working … but you keep on doing it anyway, over and over and over again, hoping something’s gonna change for you?!  We’ve all been there, it’s all good!

Back in the day, I needed to do something different too. I had a dead-end job that I hated, and had no idea how to create a better future. My boss was an ass, and didn’t ever recognize that I worked harder than the guy next to me, so we get paid the same. That wasn’t fair! I busted my ass, for 12 hours every night, 6pm to 6am, just to find out that they tax you even HARDER when you do over-time, so it never amounts to anything more. It was going to be impossible to get rich if I didn’t find a better way.

What it will cost NOT to do something different

I wanted a better life, but I didn’t deserve it, because I wasn’t actively searching out better ideas to do something different. It was almost like my ego didn’t want to admit that what I was doing was not working.  I had my head buried in the dirt, like an ostrich, settling for what life “gave” me, as I struggled, month-to-month for the next 5 years. The regret of daily decisions to not do something different ended up being PAINFUL.

I finally read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and found out that I was building someone ELSE’S dream, not my own. What I was doing, was getting me nowhere, fast.

No wonder I couldn’t ever get ahead, or had any assets to show for all my hard work! I was closed-minded, getting TAXED TO DEATH, passing up opportunity after opportunity. I was just doing what “they” told me to do – taking their advice to “go to school, get a job”, but they had NO IDEAS how to be financially secure. How many years did I waste, by NOT listening to better ideas from successful people? Doing “what I was told” was not working for me AT ALL, so I had to do something different. [click to continue…]

What if I fail Your worst fears become reality... unless you FEAR FAILURE.Many of us do not even realize that we subconsciously FEAR SUCCESS.

Instead, you must train your subconscious to FEAR FAILURE.

Did you know:

- If you fear losing money, then you will be a “loser” of money and be BROKE. The truth is, when you are so scared of losing money that you never even take the risk, you lose out on MILLIONS of dollars throughout your lifetime. You see, you actually have to take RISKS to get any type of real REWARDS. Most people never even TRY, ensuring they actually end up losing millions, as they constantly pass up opportunities with the FEAR of “losing their hard earned money”! Instead of taking control and CREATING their life, they wait around and wait for a “lucky break” or “lottery” that never seems to happen. Success doesn’t give you what you want or “need”, it gives you what you DESERVE.

Have you deserved success by making the good decisions that are necessary – like the discipline it takes to SAVE the $5 per day (instead of the $5 coffee), and invest it into your own business asset?

Did you know:

- If you fear rejection, then you will be a “reject”. When you fear being rejected, then you never even TRY in the first place, ensuring that the answer is always a “NO”! It’s kind of like wanting to go on a date with someone you’re interested in, but being so fearful of them telling you “no”, that you never even ask, as your worst FEAR becomes REALITY. If you are so scared that you never even ASK, then have ensured that the answer is a NO.

- If you fear you might fail, chances are, you’re a failure: Many people fear failing so much that, again, they never even try, or get started. Others actually even fear success! They tell themselves, “well what if I succeed, it’ll be so much pressure!” and “I’ll pry have to pay sooo much in taxes!” and “but many people might hate me!” This internal dialogue is your subconscious, with the ability to sabotage any success you had a chance for. If you train your brain to change your thoughts, you will change your life.

- If you have a fear of other people’s opinions, (in other words, care about what people might think about you), then you will never do anything that will be worth talking about.
There’s a saying that goes: If people aren’t talking crap about you, then you aren’t doing anything extraordinary, and probably are not successful enough.

- If you fear the “unfamiliar” and only “stick to what you know”, you will never be a leader, catching the waves of success. If you stay doing what “everybody else does”, never “venturing out” into the “unknown” or “uncharted areas”, then you will not ever be “at the right place at the right time”, and will not be one of the “lucky” ones. Followers always wait for things to be “safe” – until “everybody else is doing it”, and THEN they take action. This is precisely why, for them, it feels like they never “catch” the wave! The catch the waves of success, just like surfing, it is all about TIMING! The leaders are who make the big bucks are always there FIRST, before “everybody else” catches on, because they have a vision or “new” direction, they take massive and immediate action when opportunities are presented, and go after it, even if it takes them into “unfamiliar” territories. The sheep stick to what “everybody else” does, waiting until a brand is more “familiar” or “normal” in the marketplace. Those who are too “uncomfortable” with the “unfamiliar”, remain cynical and skeptical to “new” things throughout their life, even if their old “ideas” are clearly and evidently not working for them.

- If you think “it’s too good to be true”, then you are absolutely right, it IS too good to be true, but ONLY for YOU alone. Those with the “glass half full”, who say “this is too good to pass UP” are the ones who successfully (and consistently) catch the huge waves of success.

Why is it that for some people, success just seems consistently effortless? Because they decide quickly and take action.

So why do the others sit and struggle, month after month, their whole lives? Precisely because when they are at the “right place right time”, they should be taking MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE ACTION. Instead they are too busy saying “no, it just seems too good to be true”, “I just don’t have the money right now”, and “yeah, I’ll get to it later”, as they sabotage their own success, over and over and over again, watching life pass them by, and watching other people “get lucky”, as they call it.

Wanna “get lucky”? Step toward your fears and right into success by reading the other posts on this blog! Then contact us.

To your wild success, M!

Here is a FREE MP3 with my business partners, Charley and Nick, speaking on Anti-Aging, wellness, and wealth! Enjoy!

MFM partners Charley and Nick, Overview 5Point Interview

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To your wild success, M!

The Best Job In The World

by Marco Frank Montoya

selfemployed 300x135 The Best Job In The WorldHave you ever thought about what the best job in the world is?


…it’s the job of workin’ for your SELF!

Wanna know what “the catch” is? You have to gain the mindset and LEARN to be disciplined, and be your own boss. It’s harder than you think. Can you MAKE yourself do things that are “uncomfortable”, even if you really don’t want to do them? Can you really get out of your “comfort zone” and learn what you have to learn without someone breathing down your neck or threatening to FIRE you if you don’t?

Yep, the best job in the world is working at your own home business, where you’ll be deciding your own hours, having total freedom, following your passions, being creative, but do you really have what it takes? Are you scared of failure, rejection, risk, or other people’s opinions? If you are, then entrepreneurship is not for you!

What if you could step toward your fears though….

Imagine the freedom! Imagine not having to wake up to an alarm clock, or being able to “take the day off”, any time YOU choose… with absolutely NO NOTICE! Imagine NO MORE BOSS, telling you when you can eat lunch, when you can go to the bathroom, or HOW MUCH YOU’RE WORTH. Imagine the limitless earning potential, with no “salary cap”, and making money while you sleep. Have you ever woke up to open an email that told you that you had more money in the bank since last night?!!

What price would you pay, to have total freedom, having the best job in the world?

Did you know: The hardest thing about being self-employed is NOT having a boss to ORDER you take the necessary actions to produce results? Do you think you could MAKE yourself get up and do those “uncomfortable” actions at first? Did you know that you ALREADY possess the skills required to make TONS more income from home?

You have a computer, don’t you? You use Facebook and already talk to people, don’t you? Do you have a YouTube channel? It only takes 5 minutes to set one up, and BAM, you have a channel for marketing products that will bring you in extra 24-hour streaming income…

For $250,000 per year in residual income, would you learn how to do the best job in the world?

Well what about the WORST job? If I knew it would get me a six-figure residual income for the rest of my life, I would even shovel dog sh*t for 8 hours a day for the next 5 years!!!

To learn how, contact MFM and team here, ….  then…

Click here to learn more about the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD – (It’s not what you make, it’s what you KEEP!). If you think making a 6-figure residual income is worth 30 minutes of time investment, then you owe it to yourself to take action NOW, don’t you?!

To your wild success, MFM!


Winning the Money Game

by Marco Frank Montoya

secrets of the millionaire mind book 180x300 Winning the Money Game In today’s economically challenged world, many people (and businesses) are “pulling back” and going into DEFENSE MODE in an attempt at winning the money game, quickly killing their chances of success. This “defense” mindset is precisely what keeps  most people struggling, month-to-month, year-to-year, barely squeaking by, wondering why they can’t catch the waves of success, and nothing ever seems to change.

To make it easy to understand, I’ll put it in “sports” terms:

If you were a soccer team – What are your chances of WINNING if you only play in DEFENSE MODE?

That is – if you only focused on PROTECTING your own goal, never taking risks (or taking action) to MAKE goals, you could never WIN the game, could you?

Well this is what the majority of struggling people are doing with their money, as everything spirals downward. The funny thing is, it is the FEAR that is causing the downward spiral for people, and ultimately, the economy. This is the FEAR of LOSS, to be specific.

Like I said in previous posts – Your worst fears will become reality if you do not step TOWARD them. When you fear losing money, you become a “loser” of money.  Yes, of COURSE defense is an important part of any game. However, if you don’t have focus on OFFENSE, you can never WIN the game. [click to continue…]

Ever feel like you’ve spent all your time in school to learn how to tread on a human hamster wheel in a “safe secure job”, while your life slips away, day by day?

TeamMFM freedom2 300x226 Dont settle for the human hamster wheel! Are You Choosing Security or FREEDOM?

Click to enlarge YOUR MIND!

Today a friend made me laugh by asking, “yeah, but have you ever heard a hamster complain?”

It made me remember a valuable story – an amazing analogy that stands for where I used to be, and where many are still “stuck” today:

A couple years ago we started hearing some “scratching around” in our house. We looked around that night and I ended up catching these 3 baby mice (still half slow, because they were babies. If they were adult mice, we could have NEVER caught them!).
We immediately enslaved them in a hamster cage/aquarium with a wheel in it. They were so freaked out at first that they wouldn’t do anything except hide, the captivity was such a shock for them. They were depressed for a couple weeks. They wouldn’t eat, drink, or play – only hide, in shock, freedom taken away. I started to feel guilty for taking away their freedom, but selfishly, I didn’t let ‘em go – I wanted them for entertainment! They didn’t want anything to do with the hamster wheel… but only at first… I knew they would “adjust”, like humans do.
After a short while, the mice started to “settle” (for what life gave them), becoming a product of their environment, and accepting what life gave them.
(Like human employees), once they really started to forget their big dreams and “give up” on their life of freedom, they settled, and thought is was “normal”. They then discovered getting in and around the hamster wheel, playing, and “enjoying their life” in total captivity. They had forgotten and stopped complaining. They were actually so funny to watch in that wheel, as they “blossomed” in their enslaved environment!
*Since we’re on this subject – Have you ever seen Zeitgeist videos? Your mind will be BLOWN! college debt slavery  281x300 Dont settle for the human hamster wheel! Are You Choosing Security or FREEDOM?

Anyway, one day my friend Johnny accidentally dropped one small drop of honey right on top of this one’s head….HOLY SH*T, it was INSANE!!  This mouse TOTALLY FLIPPED OUT for the next 2 hours. When that sticky honey hit it’s fur, this mouse totally flipped up into the air and all around, rolling and rubbing itself on everything, trying to get the honey off! The problem was, it was rolling in the bedding, making it 10 times worse! OMG, it was the craziest thing EVER! We were dying, rolling on the floor laughing because he didn’t even understand, his whole body was immediately covered with sticky bedding! He looked like one huge ball of lint and paper shreds, a snowball! We were seriously rolling on the floor laughing!!

After about 30 minutes of flipping frantically around the cage this mouse continued to lick his hands and rub his head for the next 30 hours until he had rubbed the hair on his head totally off! His head was completely BALD the next day, we were dumbfounded! Johnny kinda felt bad, and we all gave Johnny a guilt complex about it, but the mouse was fine. Everything went back to “normal”, the mice playing on the wheel and stuff.

A couple months later, the mice had all died. We ended up being out of town too long and didn’t get them water. I feel so guilty to this day for what I did. They had to give up on their dreams and die in captivity, never experiencing a life of true freedom. They never got to see the world, or live to their full potential. I should have let them go when I caught them. I’ll never do that again, ever in my life.
The crazy thing is: This is exactly what “The Fed” (who own the Central Banks), and “The Elite”groups, (who control our government), have done to most Americans and people around the world. Here in American, we have been programmed to think the American Dream is to “go to school, get good grades, so we can have a safe  secure J.O.B.”, making someone else rich and paying our taxes – slaves to money until we die.
You’ll understand when you watch this!
Go to work and back, slaves to money, building OTHER people’s dreams instead of our OWN?  Should we be trading almost all of our priceless time for (linear) money? Should we give our tax money up before we even get our checks, (without even knowing the tax laws), so they can live the most extraordinary lives of freedom, while we work hard every day to pay them? college debt 300x167 Dont settle for the human hamster wheel! Are You Choosing Security or FREEDOM?
Our willingness to “be like everybody else” and “do what everybody else does” keeps us enslaved to taxes & money – in other words, “NORMAL”, meaning mediocre.
Most hamsters are born having no idea about a different life they could have had…. UNLESS someone cared to spread the knowledge and let them out of the cage once, exposing them to a TASTE of FREEDOM. For those lucky few hamsters that have had a taste of freedom before, you’ll notice they are more lively and their horizons are BIGGER! If a “free” mouse is put into a cage, it is actively searching for ways of getting FREE again, (by getting on TOP of the hamster wheel and USE it to try to push the top of the cage up with their nose and stuff like that!). There is actually HOPE for us entrepreneur types that actively SEARCH for opportunities of freedom, and we never “give up”. Read and watch Living Outside The Box!  It is almost like we are addicted to the search!

I have had many hamsters that actually did get FREE from the cage when we were young. I’m so happy for them! If you ever notice in the pet shop, the ones that don’t move around much and look depressed, are the ones that do not know or “believe” that there is freedom out there. I have now helped many humans get free also.

It’s a choice: You can have “security”, or you can have FREEDOM.

If you ever want to achieve any type of real freedom, financially, you must realize that a J.O.B. is like the human hamster wheel – designed to push you DOWN, paying you the least amount of money for the most amount of work, and it’s for LINEAR income. You can either “settle” for “safe secure” job (because it is really like a MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON)…    OR…

You can USE the job to save some money to then TAKE ACTION to OWN YOUR LIFE and build yourself a home-based business. I have never seen anybody become wealthy from a salary, only a slave to it. You are not supposed to “keep” a job, you are supposed to USE a job to come up with the MONEY to collect and build ASSETS that appreciate and bring you in money whether you work or not. With a J.O.B., you can NEVER be free. You have been sold on “The American Dream”, hook, line and sinker, but how can you call that “FREEDOM” when you have to ask when you can EAT LUNCH, use the bathroom, or go on vacation? I’m not sure about you, but I will not have someone telling me how much money I’m worth, or being in control of how much money I can make, or WHEN I can visit my family.

You have been “programmed” to be in a box, (even though we all think we’re NOT)!
Being Normal 300x242 Dont settle for the human hamster wheel! Are You Choosing Security or FREEDOM? “Oh no, not meee” we all say. Then we work real hard to make payments on better houses and cars we don’t really own, but rather use, just to get back and forth to WORK to pay for them, right?!

HOW to achieve Financial Security to get OFF of the human hamster wheel.

Most people don’t even know where to start. They also don’t know the life they could easily have, that is right beyond their “comfort zone”. Some of us don’t want to try different or new things that actually WORK to achieve freedom because it is “unfamiliar” or different than we are used to. Do YOU always just blindly do “what you’re told”? We subconsciously sabotage ourselves by sticking to what we know and say, “no, I’m fine where I am”, not venturing out into new (and better) territory.
So instead, you may slave away at a “safe secure” job or traditional small business, spending all of your priceless time chasing money, so we never having any time, (which is more valuable). You can’t ever get your precious time on Earth back, ever.

So now, think about this:

WHO told you to DO that? How credible are they? Do THEY have what you want? What do they really know about freedom or leverage? Should you take advice from struggling people, who work for someone else? Or have THEY also been installed with these FEARS and doubts, doing what “everybody else” does, living like sheep? Now, think for yourself! Don’t let life pass you by any longer!

Do you realize all the millions of things that have put in place to “dumb us down” and keep us “entertained”, (like beer, football games,TV, bars), so we don’t spend our time waking up and thinking? What if we spent our time reading books, questioning our lives and taxes, and what’s really going on, and then TAKING ACTION to achieve our FREEDOM again?

Many of us have been woke up these days, by books and mentors, starting our own businesses from home, creating assets that set us free. I know personally I am psychologically unemployable, and will never ever again keep an animal caged again, and now my own goal in life is to set other people FREE too.
Being open for KNOWLEDGE is the only thing that can set you free.
I’ve put together 8 free clips of knowledge that will help you “step out of the cage” and get a taste for what is out there for you, your goals, and your dreams. Reach for freedom by watching the 8-day mini boot camp HERE! Then join us in the “Master the Freedom Mindset” movement by contacting us!
To your wild success and freedom, M!

Legitimate work-from-home opportunities are virtually all around us today. It’s amazing! Legitimate home business 300x225 Legitimate work from home opportunitiesThe times have changed, and the majority of us now know that a dead-end job, (making somebody ELSE rich and getting crushed by taxes), just DOES NOT WORK for people any more. [click to continue…]

If you like money, then it is necessary to eat cheap and healthy, as a lifestyle…

Believe it or not, some people actually say they don’t care about money and/or being healthy! Allergic to money 300x240 WARNING! Do not eat cheap and healthy if youre allergic to wealth! It reminds me of the kid that doesn’t want to step out of their comfort zone to learn how to swim, so they hang out, clinging to the sides of the pool, saying “I don’t even want to swim!” (Meanwhile all the bigger toddlers frolic in the deep end)! To this type of grown adult I say, “CAUTION: [click to continue…]

bad boss 300x154 How to go from FEARING your boss to FIRING your boss! If you are like I used to be, you constantly think about how to “fire your boss” and make bigger money working for YOURSELF.  I remember how much I hated going to work every day, getting bossed around by shmucks, (especially on nice days), wasting my life away indoors! I wanted a better, more meaningful life, but I just didn’t know HOW I would ever get that “lucky” or achieve something huge.

I had no idea that it really had absolutely NOTHING to do with “luck“.

Instead, it has EVERYTHING to do with FEAR. [click to continue…]

The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!!! When you love what you do, it tends to seem EXTREMELY easy! Blog 300x225 Make money by following your PASSIONS? Is it really that easy?
In today’s world, everybody wants their own online business, because it creates better income and more freedom for a better lifestyle. If you have your own blog, and you connect with like-minded people, creating valuable content that those people are interested in, well, you’ll be making amazing streaming income from your laptop! By having relevant content on a certain subject, you will slowly be able to rank on Google and other search engines, creating TRAFFIC to your site! Traffic then converts into SALES. As you already know, if your sales are ONLINE, you can be earning income 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/yr!
Now think about that:
Imagine how different your life would be if you didn’t have to go IN to a crappy job. Imagine not having to listen to some crappy boss, as they decide how much you’re worth, when you can go home, and when you can’t even eat lunch!! Now that I think about it, can you even call yourself “free” if you have to ask somebody ELSE if you can EAT?!!!

If you already have a regular, normal small business – imagine not having to actually be in the building, working, to keep making the money. Instead, you could be outdoors, doing what you love to do, making money 24/7!!

With your current occupation – If you STOP working, do you STOP getting paid? This is called linear income. If you are in this situation, you will never be free. To truly be FREE, you need to be earning RESIDUAL income! Now..

Imagine being able to be doing EXACTLY what you LOVE to do, BLOGGING about it every day for less than an hour per day, and getting PAID to do it!!
Now THAT is happiness (and SUCCESS) in my book!!

If you consider yourself an open-minded and teachable entrepreneur at heart, you MUST take an honest look at this BRAND NEW, simple blogging system! We have already paid out over $4 MILLION in commissions to our affiliates in less than FOUR MONTHS!! How amazing is that?! If you Google around, you’ll see what an amazing opportunity this really is, and how the right TIMING of this will change your life forever!
We are in the right place at the right time my friends! Don’t be that person that lives the “shoulda woulda coulda” life! Join us NOW to be a part of this VIRAL blogging system and catch the waves of success, EVERY TIME with TeamMFM, and Master the Freedom Mindset!!
To Your Wild Success, M!
empower network banner Make money by following your PASSIONS? Is it really that easy?

I just got off the phone with one of my friends. He’s a “connector”. In the book called “The Tipping Point”, a connector is someone who is the life of the party, knows everybody, and loves to connect people together! Many times connectors have no idea how valuable they really are to the marketplace. In fact, without them, business would move WAY more slowly, or not at all!

PAID for connecting?!! Connectors 300x300 Its not WHAT you know, its WHO you know...

In business, “word of mouth” is the most powerful form of advertising and moving product. (, Avon, movies, iphones, etc.) It is also the superior form of marketing, simply because instead of paying hundreds of millions of dollars to one marketing firm, (making only the owner rich, 1 or 2 people), a company can choose to pay “affiliates” and/or distributors (connectors!) to spread the word, (making hundreds of people rich in the process)! This is why the Direct Selling industry, (and more specifically Network Marketing) has caused more millionaires than ANY other industry, ALL PUT TOGETHER. Like best-selling financial author Robert Kiyosaki puts it, “Rich people build NETWORKS, while everybody else looks for WORK”!

What many people do not realize, is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist and “know everything” to be able to make TONS of money with a Direct Sales company using a simple system. You only need to realize you have an existing network, and you can use your existing qualities to help thousands of people get what they’re looking for. You KNOW people, you have a NETWORK, (you pry have over 50 people in your cell phone right now), and EACH one of those people know 50 people each TOO, and they ALL need products and services!

Your network is your NET WORTH!

Many people doubt themselves and focus on their weaknesses, talking themselves out of freedom and success. I hear people doing this to themselves every day, saying things out loud like, “I don’t have any money”, “I don’t have any time”, “I don’t know anybody”, and “oh, but I’m not a salesman”!!  What these people need to realize is that they are actually selling THEMSELVES on why they CAN’T be successful. They also must realize that you don’t ever have to really “sell” people on anything. Instead, you probe and ask questions to find out what they’re looking for, and then provide them with solutions to their problems or challenges. Once you understand this concept, they’ll be knocking your door down to get what they want!

Now, there are many products and companies out there that are the solution to most people’s problems. If you can find a pain in the marketplace and give it an aspirin, then you will be wildly successful. The bigger the problem is, the more money you make if you have the solution! So if you’re a “connector”, and you are able to connect people with problems with the solutions to those problems, you are a WEALTHY PERSON!!!

Think about it – Who do you know who:

- Wants to lose weight? – (A billion dollar weight loss industry that you can have a piece of.)

- Wants to make more money than they’re making right now, by having their own international home-business? (A billion dollar industry that you can have a piece of.)

- Hates their boss, and would love to work from home instead? (A billion dollar home-business industry that you can have a piece of.)

- Wants to live a healthier lifestyle, and remove themselves from the disease categories? (A billion dollar health industry that you can have a piece of.)

- Pays too much in taxes and needs write-offs a home-business will offer? (A billion dollar healthy industry that you can have a piece of.)

- Wants to retire 20 years earlier, using the Direct Sales industry? (A multi-billion dollar home-business industry that you can have a piece of.)

- Want to create and preserve wealth, using the Network Marketing industry?  (A TRILLION dollar Anti-Aging industry that you can have a piece of.)

- Has high cholesterol? ( A billion dollar wellness industry that you could have a piece of.)

The list goes on and on. The point is, YOU are a connector, and everyone you know is looking for the same things, whether they want to admit it or not. Those things are health, wealth, and happiness, and you have the power to provide them with the solutions to achieve these things! Now, go out there and get what you deserve!

For more information on Health, Wealth, and Happiness, CONTACT US NOW, with a teachable open mind, ready for learning!