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Nothing Will Change For You If You’re a BLAMER…

It’s so funny to me now, but it wasn’t funny back then. I was PISSED.

It seemed like I was so upset and frustrated at the world… at everyone and everything…

Later on, of course, I learned that the problem was actually me.


Now every one of us would love to blame anyone and anything for what happens (or doesn’t happen) in our life or business, but he truth is, nothing will change if we don’t take responsibility.

And if you defend your own ego and beliefs on that, then you’re taking away your own personal power.

All the “gurus” are right…

You have the power to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, but every decision you have ever made, (or even the decision to not make a decision), has led you up to where you are right now.

So if you want change, you must change your thoughts, beliefs, actions, decisions and habits.

It’s the catchy phrase:
If you want to change the world, you must start with yourself. There is no “outside” circumstance or event that is controlling you or your business. Only you.

Recognizing Bad Patterns And Habits

Blame yourself. Marc Frank Montoya dot comI hear people blame their their crappy boss for being lame and firing them, and then blame the economy for not being able to find another job or make great profit in their business.

I hear entrepreneurs say their business is failing because of the “bad economy” or because “nobody was showing up.”

I ask, “Well what if you were to do some effective marketing to make more people show up?”

I hear people saying “if I find a better job”, things will be better, as if it’s going to fix their problems.

WARNING!!  It’s not going to fix your problems! The problems will always be there. In fact, if you do end up making a bunch more money, you’ll have a bunch more problems!

The difference is, leaders make their “problems” very small, very quickly.

Instead of even thinking they have “problems”, they find delight in calling things little “challenges” and find the solutions.

By doing so, they become even more valuable, because they found the solutions that other people are looking for… *(and did you know you can monetize that?)

You can try and try and try to blame and find external reasons, but the truth is, you must:

Bring VALUE To The Marketplace

Most people don’t realize it, (or want to admit it), but when you get sent home, laid off, or you’re simply not making enough profit in your business…

It’s because you’re not bringing value.

When apply for a job but don’t get it… it’s likely because the other person who raced for that same exact job had invested time and money to become more valuable to the company.

When I was stagnant in my business, I went out and invested time and money, taking massive action to grow and become more skilled in the Home Business market space.

Some people (like my friend Ricky, who has many skills, and who everyone adores), invested years to make himself more valuable (and like-able), and now many different companies fight over him, even though he already has a few jobs.

I have a friend Jody that has the best positive and friendly attitude. He gets proposed to by huge companies almost every month, just because people like him.

He goes “above and beyond” for everyone, even when he doesn’t have to. He made himself valuable to others.

As business owners, we must invest the time to adapt and create great new strategies to grow our business in today’s fast-paced changing world.

Those who gain marketing skills are the ones whose businesses grow, while the business owners who blame the “the bad economy”, the “location” or  “other people”, are the one who struggle.

Adapt Or Die

Hardcore success training dot com15 years ago, talking to people on the phone, one at a time, meeting in hotel rooms, and doing business overviews in people’s houses was still working.

But today’s business and strategies have changed.

15 years ago in snowboarding, the same thing was happening.

The businesses who adapted and got creative, (who went out of their comfort zone to jump online, or learn online marketing), are the ones who thrived.

The old mom and pop shops couldn’t pay their bills and went out of business.

And now, we’ve all realized that we can buy direct from a company, online, by cutting out the “middle-man” – (old school brick and mortar retail store).

And now many of my millionaire friends have all come from home-based businesses, using laptops and cellphones.

They don’t necessarily “sell”. The share information and then help the consumer get what they’re already looking for.

Leverage MarcFrankMontoya dot com

This business model of cutting out the old school brick and mortar middle man is WAY more efficient, and it’s the only way the savvy heads want to work.

Social media and online strategies are most effective because you can leverage your efforts, helping the information spread like wildfire…

You can also save tons of time by laser targeting your audience (instead of throwing spaghetti on the wall) like they did 15 years ago.

Any business owner can now have many different solutions in their niche, and they can partner with many different companies that have those solutions. This means multiple channels of income!

So, if you have a Home Business, and your current strategy is not working very well, don’t take the Ostrich Approach and say “no” before you even know what you’re saying “no” to.

I knew that the best way to predict the future of my business was to create it, and that meant being open to new information that transformed my business with cutting edge strategy.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can walk you through it.

And if you’re a hungry entrepreneur, you can click HERE to learn how to create more leads and income for your business…

We’ll talk to you soon!

The World Is Yours,
Marco and Mari…

My name is Marc Frank Montoya. I was raised by a single Mom (who did the best she possibly could and supported my dreams), but had no (Financial) Education. I (luckily) skipped college, changed my environment (by moving up to the mountains with some friends) and went on to become a globally recognized professional snowboarder for over 17 years. *(After that kind of life, there was no possibility of going back to the "norm".) After a few mentor friends pushed me read a few wealth books, I thought the next logical step was to STOP making other people rich and launch my own businesses. The problem was, I quickly realized the volatility and lack of time freedom that comes with (traditional/old-school) brick and mortar business. Even more painful was the lack of quality time with my kids. After a lot of searching, studying, researching and discovering, I dove in head first, implementing #different strategies and tactics. I invested the next 15 years (and over $250k) into courses, personal development, seminars, workshops, coaching, mentorship and financial education. I also found the world of Online Marketing, Automated Businesses Models, Financial Services and Tools, and Tax-Free Wealth Strategies. I now share what I learn and help entrepreneurial-minds build more automated and leveraged business online, protect your assets and compound your results and income from anywhere in the world using a #smart phone, a laptop and Zoom. If you're looking to take your income and lifestyle to the next level, feel free, look around, invest the time, jump down the Rabbit Hole.. : )
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