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So What Is The Best Job In The World?

slide-lifestyleI’m sure we’ve all had the day dream or thought about it at one point…

However, the real questions is:

What would the best job be for you?

Here’s the problem:

They Asked The Wrong Questions

Remember the question? They’d ask, “What do you want to BE when you grow up?”, and we thought we had to pick something, to make our family proud…

But it is completely the wrong question.

It’s not about what you want to be, or what everyone thinks you should have

The Real Question Is…

“What Do I Want My Life To Be LIKE?”

Here’s why..

Pretty much every time I’m on a coaching call with a high-end professional, I’ll ask them this question…

“So ok yes, you want to make more money, but what if you ALREADY made WAY TOO MUCH MONEY and you had ALL the TIME in the world… THEN what would you do with your day?”

“What’s your ultimate dream? What’s important to you?”

And you know what they say?

95% of the time, their answer is, “Wow, that’s a good question. I’ve never thought about that before.”

And my reply is, “Well shit, how are you ever supposed to get there if you don’t even know where you’re going?

And so my point is, there must be three things in place:

  1. Your Destination
  2. The “Vehicle” that will get you there.
  3. A proven plan. 

Now, for me, the best job in the world became my brand and Home Business(es), helping other people get what they want…

I wanted to be home and have quality time traveling with my family. So the vehicle needed to be something like working from a laptop and a smartphone, from anywhere in the world…

But there’s a catch, or three!

Before I Even Knew What Home Business Was About, I Immediately Asked, “What’s The Catch”?

Well yes, there is a catch! In fact, there are a few:

  1. It’s Not For Everybody:

    There are two types of people in this world. Those who think the glass is half empty, and those who think the glass is half full.

    So the catch is that anyone can “get in”, so there is a high failure rate. Same as in traditional business, 9 out of 10 businesses fail, and the business owner will blame anything else except themselves (bad economy, customers, location, etc.) for why the business failed. (I almost went down this path by the way).

    Also, most people have no business being in business. The reason is because the majority of people are “motivate-able”, (instead of self-motivated).

    Many others don’t even believe they can retire early or make a million dollars per year and it’s “too good to be true”, (but that’s only true for them because of that mindset!) lol

  2. Closed-mindedness:

    Another big catch is that people are extremely skeptical run around making snap (un-educated) decisions. It’s not even their fault, we all do it!

    We say “no” before we even KNOW what we’re saying “no” to, and we’ve all been programmed to stick to what we know, because we don’t wanna have to “start from scratch”. 

    Other people just can’t take rejection. I was closed-minded and skeptical, so I thought everyone else was going to be closed-minded and skeptical.

    I was wrong.

    The truth is, the successful people I knew were always totally open-minded because they say yes to the information before they make their decision. This way they can make an educated decision! 

    People fear what they don’t know, and this can destroy your chances of success. So the key to success is to come OUT “of your “comfort zone” and make the unknown into the known!

  3. You Have To THINK:

    I then found out that it is actually harder to be your own boss and own your life than it is to HAVE a boss!

    “What?” …  YES, here’s the hard love truth:

    It’s easier to have a boss who simply tells you what to do because you don’t really have to THINK!

    When you’re your own boss, you have to think and grow bigger than the problems and challenges that come up when you grow!

    Growth can be very uncomfortable, even painful sometimes, and if you’re not willing to grow into the person you need to be, then you will not attract the money that success comes along with the big challenges.

    Can you inspire yourself daily, or hourly, for free, to do things that are “uncomfortable”, even if you really don’t want to do them?

    Can you really get out of your “comfort zone” and learn what you have to learn without someone breathing down your neck or threatening to FIRE you if you don’t?

    The catch is, when you have a job, you motivation because you work from a space of fear…. the fear of being fired. 

    But when you have your own business, there’s no boss to “motivate” you, so you think you have a choice on whether you want to do the work or not! 

    And most entrepreneurs choose to avoid the “uncomfortable” work activities that make money come in! lol 

MarcFrankMontoya dot com - fear of failureSo yep, in my opinion, the best job in the world is working at home, where you decide your own hours, follow your passions and being creative, but do you really have what it takes?

Are you scared of failure, rejection, risk, or other people’s opinions? If you are, then entrepreneurship is not for you!

But Can You Step Toward Your Fears?

Imagine having total time freedom and monetizing your passions….

Imagine not having to wake up to an alarm clock, being able to “take the day off” any time YOU choose, with absolutely no notice!

Imagine no more boss, telling you when you can eat lunch, when you can go to the bathroom, or how much you are worth…

Imagine the limitless earning potential, with no “salary cap”, and making money while you sleep.

Have you ever woke up to open an email that told you that you had more money in the bank than you did yesterday or last night? I can’t tell you how blessed I feel. I so wish I could transfer this feeling into everyone. 

What Would You Sacrifice To Have The Best Job In The World?

Did you know:

You already possess the skills required to make generate multiple streams of income, from home, with a smart phone and a laptop?

But remember the catch:
Do you think you would make yourself get up and learn those uncomfortable”new” activities?

Would you give up watching TV at night after work? Would you listen to books on MP3 instead of the radio on your way home?

Would you sacrifice one Saturday or Sunday out of the month for the next 4 years?

Do you have a laptop? Do you use Facebook and already connect and talk to people? Do you have a YouTube channel? It only takes 5 minutes to set one up, and BAM, you have a channel for marketing products that will bring you in extra 24-hour streaming income

For An Insane Recurring Income And Lifestyle, Would You Follow 10 Steps To Have The Best Job In The World?

Worst Jobs - MarcFrankMontoya dot comYes? Ok, well what about the even the WORST job in the world?

Like, seriously…
Would you shovel dog crap for 8 hours a day or clean dirty toilets for the next 4 years if you absolutely knew that you would generate a multiple six-figure recurring income?

If that answer is a YES, then now you’re getting the point. It’s never the right time to get “picky” if you don’t even know what it is yet! lol

So, if you’re interested in learning more about multiple streams of 24-7 recurring income,  contact us here. 


Click here to learn more about the best living in the world.

And remember: (It’s not what you make, it’s what you KEEP!), so if you think making a 6-figure residual income is worth 30 minutes of your time, then you owe it to yourself to take action NOW, don’t you?!

See you on the next pages,

The World Is Yours, M!


My name is Marc Frank Montoya. I was raised by a single Mom (who did the best she possibly could and supported my dreams), but had no (Financial) Education. I (luckily) skipped college, changed my environment (by moving up to the mountains with some friends) and went on to become a globally recognized professional snowboarder for over 17 years. *(After that kind of life, there was no possibility of going back to the "norm".) After a few mentor friends pushed me read a few wealth books, I thought the next logical step was to STOP making other people rich and launch my own businesses. The problem was, I quickly realized the volatility and lack of time freedom that comes with (traditional/old-school) brick and mortar business. Even more painful was the lack of quality time with my kids. After a lot of searching, studying, researching and discovering, I dove in head first, implementing #different strategies and tactics. I invested the next 15 years (and over $250k) into courses, personal development, seminars, workshops, coaching, mentorship and financial education. I also found the world of Online Marketing, Automated Businesses Models, Financial Services and Tools, and Tax-Free Wealth Strategies. I now share what I learn and help entrepreneurial-minds build more automated and leveraged business online, protect your assets and compound your results and income from anywhere in the world using a #smart phone, a laptop and Zoom. If you're looking to take your income and lifestyle to the next level, feel free, look around, invest the time, jump down the Rabbit Hole.. : )
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