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Many people think success and making more money means working harder and longer. This is a flat out LIE. I found that out a long time ago, when I worked 12 hours a day, every day for 6 months straight, and still couldn’t get ahead. That kind of work just doesn’t WORK. Especially if your income is dependent on just one person (you) – there is no leverage.
The real truth is : Wealth is measured in TIME.
How much free TIME do you have?
When you’re about to die, are you going to have big regrets, like “I wish I would have taken the time to do this and that! “….?
Here’s a question for you:
Which would you rather do:
Make a $1,000,000/yr, stuck in the building 80hrs/wk, working 12 hours a day, chasing money, away from your kids, with no real freedom?
Would you rather be making $50,000/year, $100,000/year, or $200,000/year, but with no real big bills, working 5-10 hours per week, doing what you want, with WHO you want, WHERE you want, for as LONG as you want?
See,, so many of us have been “programmed” to go get a “job” or a “small business” that keeps us busy for most of our life, working ’til we’re basically DEAD! You don’t want to do that, do you? The only reason you might be on this “plan” is because somebody TOLD you it was a good idea! Some people used to think that “the world is FLAT” was a good idea too.
The fact today is: It is easier and faster to retire with LEVERAGE, using today’s better business models. Today you can start a home business and generate 24/7 streaming income from a TEAM of people, if you’re willing to work hard to get it. Here’s HOW…
1. Start your own business. (not an old school small traditional business). A home-based Network Marketing business.
2. Follow the Plan. (Proven, step-by-step business systems).
3. Read the right wealth, business, and self-development books, so you can change your 9to5 mindset. You will then understand why these are highly superior business models to achieve early retirement.
4. Stay plugged in & get committed! 3-5 years will put you in big profits, with very low overhead.
5. Teach others how to do the same thing. (Duplicate)
We are a community of Leaders and Teachers, helping people make positive change all over the world! Contact us to join the journey!

Marc Frank Montoya was a world-class international professional snowboarder for over 16 years. Living an extraordinary lifestyle, he could not go back to a "the norm" and was psychologically unemployable. Launching businesses, he quickly realized the stress, responsibility, lack of freedom, less travel, and most painful of all, less quality time with his kids. Searching for solutions and investing into personal and financial development, he found the world of Online Home Business. "Done wrong, it's a nightmare. Done RIGHT it's a DREAM". He now helps you build and market your business online, with a laptop, from anywhere in the world. If you're looking to take your life and business to the next level, get courageous and reach out! Next Level Home Business Mastery For The Ultimate Lifestyle
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