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If You Get This Backwards… It’s Pure Sabotage.

  • BE
  • DO
  • HAVE


Now, most people get this completely wrong. They start backwards, and it absolutely ruins any chance of success. 

I remember my backwards mindset. It goes like this: 

“When I (“HAVE“) the time and money, I’ll (“DO“) what I need to do, in order to (“BE”) where I want to be!”

You’ll notice:

People who struggle, month to month, year to year, always start with “have”.

Yes, we all want to “have” the good life… 

But it doesn’t work like that.

You must:

(DECIDE) to BE the person you need to be…

Who DOES what successful people DO… (which is BE RESOURCEFUL and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to move forward)…

In order to HAVE what successful people HAVE


As you watch the video below, you’ll realize the paradigm shift and start to understand how to change your thought pattern. 

If you learn to reprogram your thought process, you will slowly manifest whatever it is you’re looking for.


Your beliefs will control your thoughts.

Your thoughts will control your actions.

Your actions will control your results.

Then your results will skyrocket your belief!

You will automatically BE the opposite of those who “settle”, living month-to-month, and you will start to FIND A WAY to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

And when you become aware of the stories you tell yourself, like “I don’t have any money” or “I’m just so too busy”,


“I’d like to create more for myself, but I don’t have any time“.

Then you’ll be able to catch yourself, smack yourself, STOP the PATTERN and MAKE IT HAPPEN, some how, some way! 

So here’s a clip on how to change the way you think, which is the first step when learning how to take action and manifest exactly what you want… 


What Will It Cost You NOT To?

This is a question that may give you some leverage to finally take the action you need to take.

Many people in this economy feel stuck, doing hard work they are not passionate about, but still resist creating changes.


Because we avoid PAIN. 

And being “uncomfortable” means pain. And make changes is uncomfortable, so we will avoid it. 

But here’s the key…

If it is not more painful to STAY where you are than to make a change, then you will STAY exactly where you are. 


If it is MORE PAINFUL to STAY where you are, than to make uncomfortable changes, then you will create CHANGE! 

I know, because at 20 years old, I used to be there.

It’s called “quiet desperation” and staying in your “comfort zone”, even though you want a better quality life.

In actuality, your comfort zone is really your ENSLAVEMENT ZONE.

Now, if what you’re currently doing for work is not getting you where you want to go, are you going to keep doing what you’re doing but expect a different result?

If what you’re doing right now is not making you happy or getting you to your dreams, can you really afford to stay there?

You don't need A.I.R.You must gain LEVERAGE :

So now:

What it will cost you, long-term, to continue to NOT take action toward a better future for you and your family? 

Could it ultimately cost you a life of struggle, leaving a legacy of mediocrity? 

What were you doing 3 years ago? Has anything changed?

What will you be doing in 3 years if you don’t make a change? 

What if you teach your kids to “settle” for what life “gives” you?

Watch out, because they pick everything up from you. 

They don’t listen to what you SAY, they learn from what you DO.

Attitude And Actions To BE, DO, HAVE

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