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Have you ever felt like there’s just gotta be something better for you out there, somewhere, somehow? If you have, I know exactly how that feels, because that was me, every day.

Before I was a pro snowboarder, I had every job you could think of. It felt hopeless, but looking back, my biggest challenge was that I just didn’t have any mentors, so I had absolutely no idea what living outside the box even meant…

Here’s what it means to the millionaire mentors I’ve learned from:

We always hear the term “thinking outside of the box”. They say it in the “traditional” corporate world all the time…

In fact, to all of us in the Home Business world, that would be an oxymoron.
Example: When you’re working in a building from your cubicle, with the boss telling you to “think outside the box”! LOL

My first mentor almost shouted to me, “In order to have an extraordinary life, you must not settle, doing ordinary things.”

And, “If you don’t have a side project, where you’re learning and growing every day, then you’re sticking to what you know, living inside the box.”

The harsh truth is, most people think they are free, but they are not.  You may already swear up and down that you already “think outside the box”, but “there are many forms of the box”, as another mentor said.

So, if you can suspend your disbelief, just for a moment, and step out of your dot, you can also start living outside of the box!

If You Are NOT Living Outside The Box, There Is A Price You Will Pay

Get Outside the box at I used to say “No” to things (like new ideas when they were presented to me), before I even completely knew what I was saying “No” to, and then wondered why I was feeling “stuck”.

I always imagine what my life would have been like if I wasn’t open-minded enough to try skateboarding, snowboarding, and new ideas in business.

My whole life would have been different, and I would have gone the “normal” route. I may have never lived all my dreams of traveling, making tons of money, and having all the freedom.

If I would have just been closed-minded and said no to “no, I’m not interested in that”, I would most likely be working in some building for the last 18 years of my life, slaving away in a businesses or a job, getting taxed to death with no time freedom.

How many people do you know that are living inside the box, still working a regular job or business, wishing they could make more money with more freedom?

How many people do you know, who are tired, broke, and over 55 years old, and still working? A lot, right?

Thinking but not living outside the box can really cost you millions of dollars as each year passes by, so here are 5 initial habits to learn and implement…

5 Habits To LIVE Outside The Box

1. Change your environment:
Get around people who actually are living a life of abundance and freedom, outside of the box! Learn from them and copy them to get what they have.

If you don’t know any people like that, then that should tell you something about your environment. Who do you know that are actually actively trying to be wealthy? This will be your best environment!

2. Invest TIME into YourSELF:
The great Jim Rohn said, “You should always work harder on yourself than you do at your job.”

People who think inside the box are the ones who are suckers to consumerism, buying material things that will do nothing to better your future outcome.

Those who live outside the box constantly invest time and money into themselves, (seminars, courses, books, mentors, self development), and business assets to make money while you sleep. Let’s dig specifically into…

3. Wealth Books:
There’s a huge difference between school books and wealth books.

Professionals invest years in school and books but never learn anything about money or leverage. In school, you may just memorize enough to find a job, trading your hours for linear income in the vicious cycle called the Rat Race.

There, you are programmed to spend the first 25 years of your life (or more) acquiring skills, to you can work hard for the next 40 years, until you are 65-70 years old.

“And THEN you get to relax and travel the world,and play, and be around your loved ones!” hahaha

Wealth books will help you gain leverage and abundance – a paradigm shift.

You’ll understand once you read the books. One of the books is called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or another called “The Cashflow Quadrant”, by Robert Kiyosaki, is a good place to start!

4. Be OPEN To New Ideas, FOREVER:
I used to believe I would always be in the snowboarding industry, but once I saw someone else with the life I wanted, and I asked him how to get it, he quickly let me know: “You must be open and have the courage to get uncomfortable and adapt in this fast-paced changing world of new innovation.”

If you believe in staying ahead of the game and pioneering like I do, then you must be willing to step up and be open to new business ideas and technology, or else you will fall behind and struggle.

The key is showing up for yourself to receive all new available information.

If you don’t keep up with the times so you can make educated decisions and control your life, then someone else will control your life. Create your future, rather than being a victim to it.

5. Build Your Own Freedom With Multiple Channels Of Income:
If you’re serious about living outside of the box and want to make early retirement happen for yourself and your family, then look for business models that create 24-7 leveraged recurring income.

This will immediately create more time freedom and abundance in your life. For more on making money while you sleep, click here on how to make money while you sleep.

To learn more on living outside the box and work with the team, you can contact MFM here on the site.

We’ll see you on the mountain. The World Is Yours! M.

Marc Frank Montoya was a world-class international professional snowboarder for over 17 years. After living a higher quality lifestyle, there was no possibility of going back to the "normal" way of living. The next logical step was going into business, but he quickly realized the stress, risk, responsibility and lack of time freedom of small business. Most painful of all was the lack of quality time with his kids. Searching for solutions and investing into personal and financial development, he found the world of Online Business and Financial Education. *("Done wrong, it's a nightmare. Done RIGHT it's a DREAM".) He now helps entrepreneurial-minded people build their businesses online, protect their assets and compound their income and results, from anywhere in the world using the Secret Weapons of the Wealthy 1%. If you're looking to take your life and business to the next level, get courageous! Reach out! "The Secret Weapons of the 1% - Different Money Rules... with Style!"
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  • Kathy Hendy

    I feel very old and I know I have fallen behind especially in the technology field! I live inside the box because I’m afraid I will be wronged by someone trying to take advantage of me because I don’t understand things!