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“I Just Don’t Have Time”

Ever found yourself saying that? 

Too busy to improveIt was freakin’ hopeless…

I remember constantly telling everyone, “Damn. I don’t have time to hang out this week”


“I’m just super super busy”.

I was making insane money… (But too busy to get any quality time with friends and family).

I needed to break that subconscious pattern before another year passed by, or I would continue missing the more important things in my life…

(Like my kids growing through the most important years of their lives). 

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I could just stay home today.”

Have you ever said to your family, “No I can’t go with you guys, I gotta work.”

You may have even said it today, wishing you were at home relaxing or getting to travel the world, experiencing life with your friends or family.

When I was running around chasing money like a chicken with it’s head cut off, between my business and home life, I would constantly (and unconsciously) make excuses to everyone I cared about.

After a few years quickly passed by, as realized I missed some important years of my first 2 kids’ lives – (Ages 2-8) – and I finally got tired of being “busy” all the time.

Enough Is Enough

I was frustrated and began exploring ideas on how to achieve this whole “financial freedom” thing that they talk about in all the wealth and business books I was reading.

The truth is that it financial freedom is a “catchy phrase” for most, and it is quite elusive for 99% of people.

And finally, after I asked a wealthy mentor of mine how he did it, we sat down and he started asking me some mind-opening questions…

Subconscious patterns MarcFrankMontoya dot comHe asked me point blank, “What is important in your life?”

Then he had me admit…

“Didn’t you just say that you want more time to be around your kids, and experience life, traveling the world with friends and family?”

“And didn’t you just say you want to be FREE?”

I said, “yep”.

He then asked, “OK, but you continue to spend all of your time building a traditional business that keeps you busy, even though it’s keeping you away from the things that matter most to you?”

I didn’t say anything…

Then he was courageous enough to ask the direct question:

“OK, now what kind of person would spend all their time working on things that make them more busy, when all they complain about is they want more time with their kids, and worse, they won’t FIND the time to build something that will get them FREE, so they can get back to what is most important?

I had to admit – “Not a very smart one“.

This is precisely why it is paramount to listen to successful people that have the results you want in your life.

This mentor of mine is always present with his family, traveling, and impacting the world to leave it a better place. I wanted a life like his.

I needed someone to be real with me, to help me realize the pattern I was living.

But seriously, how do you even begin?

Well, he said, “First you have to drop the ego and admit that things must change” … and then you can start with these…

Here’s 5 Things I’ve Learned To Break The Subconscious Patterns Of “Being Busy”

  1. Teach-ability Index:

    I had to admit I didn’t know it all, or I would have had the results I wanted already…

    You must be teach-able and admit that you’re not where you want to be, so you can break your OLD patterns and GROW new patterns.

    You must learn what you didn’t know before, and you must grow into the person you’ve never BEEN before, to get what you’ve never had before!

  2. Watch Out For Being “Too Smart For Your Own Good”:

    Being “smarter than everyone” as a professional in your field can actually harm you and your income in another field.

    It is very hard to learn anything new if you’re already too smart for your own good.

    As small business owners, we tend to have the “if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself” mentality.

    Many times, we don’t trust anyone else to do the job “just right”. We all think we’re so smart…. but only at first!

    Sooner or later we realize that the more skilled we become, the less we are able to duplicate ourselves to put someone in our place in case we don’t feel like working that day.

    Once we can let go and trust people to do their job or follow a system, we can eventually create ourselves some time freedom.

    Think franchising and duplication – which brings us to…

  3. Have A SYSTEM Running Your Business: – (Not YOU running the business):

    Think about the wealthiest people…

    Have you ever seen them building the businesses and doing all the work themselves with no help?

    No. They have systems. They recruit and find talent to run the systems. They build teams, duplicate and scale.  

    Think about McDonald’s:

    They didn’t make the best burgers – They made the best system! It’s a SYSTEM running their business.

    They made it extremely simple, where any high school dropout can run the building, as long as they follow the manual/system.

    This way, we can have people in place that are trained to follow a system and know what to do, even when we’re not there, so we no longer have to be there, holding their hands, and running the business ourselves.

    This means we are able to duplicate our efforts, for leveraged, residual income.

    McDonald’s owner is actually dead now, but his legacy lives on, and his family still collects the checks!

    You want to live a legacy? This is how powerful a system can be!

  4. Build A TEAM:

    When you have built a team that can follow a system, you will have leveraged, recurring income.

    The term “self-made millionaire” was never true, or even possible. Nobody has ever made a million dollars by themselves. They would not have the time.

    Anyone who tries it, dies trying, because that is what’s called LINEAR income. Linear income means, if you stop working, you stop getting paid.

    You will work forever in a linear equation, because you are collecting 100% of only ONE person’s efforts – your own – ZERO leverage.

    And remember, you’re either being LEVERAGED…. or you’re LEVERAGING!

    And if you build a team, well now you have leverage in business – meaning leveraged time, effort, and income.

  5. Goal, steps, action, Course Correcting Questions: (Thinking Five Years Out):

    – Are you 100% satisfied with what you’re doing currently?

    – What do you want your life to be like?

    – If you keep doing what you’re doing for the next 4-5 years, are you going to be in a place of financial or time freedom?

Now, if what you are doing currently isn’t getting you the results you want, but you don’t change your language patterns of “being too busy” to make a change, then nothing will change.

You will still end up with a lack of money or time next year, and your situation will most likely even get worse.

The year after that will also be the same or worse, unless you make a serious change in your decisions, habits, and patterns, and where you invest your time.

However, if you take action now and make the time for something that will eventually allow you to be UN-busy, then you will create change for yourself.


What is important to you?

Your health? Freedom? Money? Abundance? Giving Back? Impacting the world and making a difference?

If you said yes to any of these, I invite and expose you to a proven plan, where you could work SMART for the next 4-5 years,
following a step-by-step system that will put you in a place of financial (and TIME) freedom.

So would you even be open to taking an educated look?

If the answer is “yes”, then click right now to watch our “Secrets of the 1%” webinar. It just may be the major paradigm shift you needed to create change, right at the right time.

Remember, the best way to predict your future is to CREATE it,…

Because life doesn’t give you what you want – It gives you what you earn!

Much Love,

The World Is Yours, M!



My name is Marc Frank Montoya. I was raised by a single Mom (who did the best she possibly could and supported my dreams), but had no (Financial) Education. I (luckily) skipped college, changed my environment (by moving up to the mountains with some friends) and went on to become a globally recognized professional snowboarder for over 17 years. *(After that kind of life, there was no possibility of going back to the "norm".) After a few mentor friends pushed me read a few wealth books, I thought the next logical step was to STOP making other people rich and launch my own businesses. The problem was, I quickly realized the volatility and lack of time freedom that comes with (traditional/old-school) brick and mortar business. Even more painful was the lack of quality time with my kids. After a lot of searching, studying, researching and discovering, I dove in head first, implementing #different strategies and tactics. I invested the next 15 years (and over $250k) into courses, personal development, seminars, workshops, coaching, mentorship and financial education. I also found the world of Online Marketing, Automated Businesses Models, Financial Services and Tools, and Tax-Free Wealth Strategies. I now share what I learn and help entrepreneurial-minds build more automated and leveraged business online, protect your assets and compound your results and income from anywhere in the world using a #smart phone, a laptop and Zoom. If you're looking to take your income and lifestyle to the next level, feel free, look around, invest the time, jump down the Rabbit Hole.. : )
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